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Authentication (5)
courierauth, krb5, PAM, radius [more]
Benchmarking (7)
datadog_trace, DTrace, excimer, inclued [more]
Caching (14)
APC, APCu, apcu_bc, chdb [more]
Configuration (4)
augeas, env, yaconf, zookeeper [more]
Console (5)
ncurses, newt, termbox, tvision [more]
Database (63)
cassandra, couchbase, CUBRID, daffodildb [more]
Date and Time (4)
date_time, hrtime, timecop, timezonedb [more]
Encryption (7)
gnupg, libsodium, mcrypt, mcrypt_filter [more]
Event (7)
eio, ev, libevent, openswoole [more]
File Formats (20)
archive, brotli, bz2, cpdf [more]
File System (7)
dazuko, fuse, inotify, mogilefs [more]
GUI (6)
php_xcb, tk, ui, win32std [more]
HTML (2)
html_parse, tidy
HTTP (6)
apfd, http_message, json_post, pecl_http [more]
Images (13)
cairo, cairo_wrapper, framegrab, FreeImage [more]
Internationalization (9)
cld, ecma_intl, fribidi, gender [more]
Languages (10)
handlebars, lua, LuaSandbox, mustache [more]
Logging (1)
Mail (4)
imap, mailparse, POP3, vpopmail [more]
Math (9)
big_int, decimal, geospatial, hdr_histogram [more]
Multimedia (8)
Audio, ecasound, ming, opengl [more]
Networking (38)
amqp, apn, ares, cvsclient [more]
Numbers (1)
Payment (6)
coin_acceptor, cybercash, cybermut, mcve [more]
PHP (55)
AOP, apd, APM, ast [more]
Processing (3)
amfext, rrd, shape
Search Engine (5)
clucene, mnogosearch, solr, sphinx [more]
Security (4)
pledge, rnp, selinux, taint [more]
Streams (4)
bz2_filter, oggvorbis, openal, zlib_filter [more]
Structures (8)
bloomy, ds, Judy, php_trie [more]
System (18)
ApacheAccessor, dio, expect, fam [more]
Text (24)
ahocorasick, base58, bbcode, cmark [more]
Tools and Utilities (35)
Testing, Version Control, awscrt, binpack [more]
Virtualization (1)
Web Services (10)
axis2, hprose, json, jsonc [more]
XML (8)
domxml, dom_varimport, WBXML, xmldiff [more]

Total number of packages: 431
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