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Recent Releases

  • swoole 4.0.0 (stable) 2018-06-14
    - Using c stackful coroutine
    - Allow to create server in multiple processes
    - Fixed issue where http2 server could not send more than 16K data to Chrome browser client
    - Added Channel->peek method for peeping data
    - Fixed issue where Server->pause/resume could not be used under SWOOLE_PROCESS
    - Removed Linux AIO and use thread pool for asynchronous file IO anyway
    - Added MySQL stored procedure sup ...
  • zip 1.15.3 (stable) 2018-06-12
    - Add OPSYS_CPM constant as documented
    - Fix build with PHP 7.3
  • redis 4.1.0RC1 (alpha) 2018-06-08
    phpredis 4.1.0RC1

    The primary new feature of this release is session locking functionality. Thanks to @SkydiveMarius!

    * Add callbacks validate_sid and update_timestamp to session handler [aaaf0f23] (@hongboliu)
    * Call cluster_disconnect before destroying cluster object. [28ec4322] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
    * Bulk strings can be zero length. (Michael Grunder)
    * Handle async parameter for flushDb and f ...
  • couchbase 2.4.7 (stable) 2018-06-07
    * PCBC-534: Add profile N1QL query parameter.
    * PCBC-538: do not dereference NULL values after encoding.
    * PCBC-549, PCBC-541: Update crypto interfaces.
  • protobuf 3.6.0 (stable) 2018-06-07
    GA release.
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