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Top Level :: Database :: SQLite :: 1.0

SQLite 1.0

This package is not maintained anymore and has been superseded. Package has moved to channel https://www.php.net/sqlite3
Package Information
Summary SQLite database bindings
Maintainers Wez Furlong < wez at php dot net > (lead) [details]
Marcus B?rger < helly at php dot net > (lead) [wishlist] [details]
Ilia Alshanetsky < ilia at php dot net > (lead) [details]
Philip Olson (developer) [details]
Tal Peer (developer) [inactive] [details]
License PHP
Description Note: Do not use this PECL extension, it's in the PHP sources.

SQLite is a C library that implements an embeddable SQL database engine.

Programs that link with the SQLite library can have SQL database access without running a separate RDBMS process.

This extension allows you to access SQLite databases from within PHP.
Release notes
Version 1.0
sqlite_udf_encode_binary() and sqlite_udf_decode_binary() for
handling binary data in UDF callbacks.
sqlite_popen() for persistent db connections.
sqlite_unbuffered_query() for high performance queries.
sqlite_last_error() returns error code from last operation.
sqlite_error_string() returns description of error.
sqlite_create_aggregate() for registering aggregating SQL functions.
sqlite_create_function() for registering regular SQL functions.
sqlite_fetch_string() for speedy access to first column of result sets.
sqlite_fetch_all() to receive all rowsets from a query as an array.
iteration interface
sqlite_query() functions accept resource/query string in either order,
for compatibility with mysql and postgresql extensions.
Fixed some build issues for thread-safe builds.
Increase the default busy timeout interval to 60 seconds.

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