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Recent Releases

  • sync 1.1.1 (stable) 2017-02-20
    - Fixed *NIX event object sync_WaitForUnixEvent() issues.
  • memcached 3.0.3 (stable) 2017-02-20
    PHP7 release of memcached extension. Note that support for libmemcached 0.x series has been discontinued
    and the oldest actively tested version is 1.0.2. It is highly recommended to use version 1.0.18 of

    * Fix crash when checking session data with older versions of libmemcached (#328)
    * Fix crash due to zend_mm_corrupted when fetching session data (#327)
  • v8 0.1.2 (stable) 2017-02-18
    This release adds script compilation and caching. Also more new methods added and some internal logic refactored.
    See detailed changes below.

    As of this release, V8 >= 5.8.168 required.

    * - BC-breaking or potentially BC-breaking changes.

    Changes to public API and other important changes which may affect end-user:

    - * Add $is_wasm and $is_module options to V8\ScriptOriginOptions and V8\Scri ...
  • amqp 1.8.0 (stable) 2017-02-16
    * Add SSL connection support (Bogdan Padalko)
    * Support for server method handling: confirms (publisher acknowledgments) and basic.return (Bogdan Padalko)
    * Add support for pkg-config (Remi Collet)
    * Preserve AMQP server error code for exceptions (Bogdan Padalko)
    * Add AMQPChannel::close() (Bogdan Padalko)
    * Fix segfault when deleting an unknown exchange (Bogdan Padalko)
    * Fix segfault with PHPUni ...
  • PDO_INFORMIX 1.3.3 (stable) 2017-02-16
    Fixed compilation issue with the PHP 5.6 release.
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