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Recent Releases

  • APCu 5.1.8 (stable) 2017-01-16
    - fix gh#207 Segmentation fault in apc_sma_api_free()
    - fix gh#221 memory leak
    - update to apc dashboard (Tyson Andre)
  • v8 0.1.1 (stable) 2017-01-15
    In this release new methods added and some internal logic refactored.

    As of this release, V8 >= 5.4.420 required.

    Also, deprecated or soon to be deprecated API calls are removed in this release, see note on BC-breaking changes below.

    - add V8\Isolate::IsInUse() method.
    - add V8\AdjustableExternalMemoryInterface interface;
    - add V8\ObjectValue::AdjustExternalAllocatedMemory() method;
    - add V8\Ob ...
  • ref 0.4.1 (stable) 2017-01-15
    - fixes problem when false Ref\NotifierException thrown during object destruction if non-caught exception
    was thrown before such destruction (outside notifiers and referent object destructor) (#17);
    - do not call soft notifiers if original object was prevented from being destroyed in one of notifiers (#18).
  • Druid 0.9.2 (stable) 2017-01-09
    - Fixed #7 Support multi instance by getInstance('instance_2')
    - Fixed zend_mm_heap corrupted
  • swoole 1.9.4 (stable) 2017-01-09
    - Fixed WebSocket server default onRequest method memory leak problem
    - Fixed the problem of missing zlib library compilation failures
    - Added Client->reuseCount property to query the number of multiplexed sockets
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