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# Package name Description  
1 cassandra DataStax PHP Driver for Apache Cassandra
2 couchbase Couchbase Server PHP extension
3 CUBRID This is the official PHP Extension to connect to CUBRID Database.
4 daffodildb Daffodil DB extention module Driver.
5 dbase dBase database file access functions
6 DBDO Database DataObjects
7 dbplus db++ database functions
8 dbx Database abstraction functions
9 drizzle PHP wrapper to libdrizzle
10 Druid A Druid driver for PHP with PECL extension.
11 filepro filePro database access functions
12 hwapi Include official Hyperwave API support
13 ibm_db2 Extension for IBM Db2 (LUW/i/z) and other compatible databases
14 informix Informix driver
15 ingres Extension for the Ingres/Vectorwise Database Systems.

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