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xdebug 2.0.0RC2

Package Information
Summary Xdebug is a debugging and productivity extension for PHP
Maintainers Derick Rethans < derick at php dot net > (lead) [wishlist] [details]
License Xdebug-1.03
Description Xdebug and provides a range of features to improve the PHP development

Step Debugging
A way to step through your code in your IDE or editor while the script is

Improvements to PHP's error reporting
An improved var_dump() function, stack traces for Notices, Warnings, Errors
and Exceptions to highlight the code path to the error

Writes every function call, with arguments and invocation location to disk.
Optionally also includes every variable assignment and return value for
each function.

Allows you, with the help of visualisation tools, to analyse the
performance of your PHP application and find bottlenecks.

Code Coverage Analysis
To show which parts of your code base are executed when running unit tests
with PHP Unit.
Homepage https://xdebug.org/
Release notes
Version 2.0.0RC2
Sun, Dec 24, 2006 - xdebug 2.0.0rc2
+ Added new features:
- Implemented the "xdebug.var_display_max_children" setting. The default is
set to 128 children.
- Added types to fancy var dumping function.
- Implemented FR #210: Add a way to stop the debug session without having
to execute a script. The GET/POST parameter "XDEBUG_SESSION_STOP_NO_EXEC"
works in the same way as XDEBUG_SESSION_STOP, except that the script will
not be executed.
- DBGP: Allow postmortem analysis.
- DBGP: Added the non-standard function xcmd_profiler_name_get.

+ Changes:
- Fixed the issue where xdebug_get_declared_vars() did not know about
variables there are in the declared function header, but were not used in
the code. Due to this change expected arguments that were not send to a
function will now show up as ??? in stack and function traces in PHP 5.1
and PHP 5.2.
- Allow xdebug.var_display_max_data and xdebug.var_display_max_depth
settings of -1 which will unlimit those settings.
- DBGP: Sort super globals in Globals overview.
- DBGP: Fixed a bug where error messages where not added upon errors in the
- DBGP: Change context 1 from globals (superglobals + vars in bottom most
stack frame) to just superglobals.

= Fixed bugs:
- Fixed linking error on AIX by adding libm.
- Fixed dead code analysis for THROW.
- Fixed oparray prefill caching for code coverage.
- Fixed the xdebug.remote_log feature work.
- DBGP: Fixed a bug where $this did not appear in the local scoped context.
- DBGP: Reimplemented property_set to use the same symbol fetching function
as property_get. We now only use eval in case no type (-t) argument was
- DBGP: Fixed some issues with finding out the classname, which is
important for fetching private properties.
- DBGP: Fixed usage of uninitialized memory that prevented looking up
numerical array keys while fetching array elements not work properly.
- Fixed bug #228: Binary safety for stream output and property fetches.
- Fixed bug #227: The SESSION super global does not show up in the Globals
- Fixed bug #225: xdebug dumps core when protocol is GDB.
- Fixed bug #224: Compile failure on Solaris.
- Fixed bug #219: Memory usage delta in traces don't work on PHP 5.2.0.
- Fixed bug #215: Cannot retrieve nested arrays when the array key is a
numeric index.
- Fixed bug #214: The depth level of arrays was incorrectly checked so it
would show the first page of a level too deep as well.
- Fixed bug #213: Dead code analysis doesn't take catches for throws into
- Fixed bug #211: When starting a new session with a different idekey, the
cookie is not updated.
- Fixed bug #209: Additional remote debugging session started when
triggering shutdown function.
- Fixed bug #208: Socket connection attempted when XDEBUG_SESSION_STOP.
- Fixed PECL bug #8989: Compile error with PHP 5 and GCC 2.95.

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