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v8js 1.1.0

Package Information
Summary V8 Javascript Engine for PHP
Maintainers Stefan Siegl <stesie@brokenpipe.de> (lead) [details]
Patrick Reilly <preilly@php.net> (lead) [details]
License The MIT License (MIT)
Description This extension embeds Google's V8 Javascript Engine into PHP.
Release notes
Version 1.1.0
- fix build on Windows with Visual Studio 2015
- use libv8_platform on Windows
- fix double free on object export
- fix use after free regarding pending exceptions
- fix memory leaks on bailouts caused in V8 contexts
- don't abort PHP process on fatal V8 error (but trigger a warning instead)

This release also merges in new features from V8Js 0.4.0, namely
- Improve -Wno-c++11-narrowing/-Wno-narrowing flag detection (clang/gcc5 support)
- Added ability to set properties on V8Function
- CommonJS modules now have access to V8Js' var_dump function
- V8JsScriptExtensions now reference the normalised module id (instead of just "require")
- fatal PHP errors triggered in setModuleLoader callback are now handled gracefully
- setModuleLoader callback is now allowed to return an empty string as source of module
- V8Js' internal module path normalisation may now be overrode using setModuleNormaliser

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