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Top Level :: HTTP :: pecl_http :: 2.3.0RC1

pecl_http 2.3.0RC1

Package Information
Summary Extended HTTP Support
Maintainers Michael Wallner < mike at php dot net > (lead) [details]
License BSD-2-Clause
Description This HTTP extension aims to provide a convenient and powerful
set of functionality for one of PHPs major applications.

It eases handling of HTTP urls, headers and messages, provides
means for negotiation of a client's preferred content type,
language and charset, as well as a convenient way to send any
arbitrary data with caching and resuming capabilities.

It provides powerful request functionality with support for
parallel requests.

Release notes
Version 2.3.0RC1
+ Preliminiary HTTP2 support for http\Client (libcurl with nghttp2 support)
+ Improved performance of HTTP info parser (request/response line)
+ Improved performance of updating client observers
+ Improved performance of http\Env\Response output to streams
+ Improved the error messages of the header parser
+ Added http\Header\Parser class
+ Added http\Client::configure() method accepting an array with the following options for libcurl:
. maxconnects (int, size of the connection cache)
. max_host_connections (int, max number of connections to a single host, libcurl >= 7.30.0)
. max_pipeline_length (int, max number of requests in a pipeline, libcurl >= 7.30.0)
. max_total_connections (int, max number of simultaneous open connections of this client, libcurl >= 7.30.0)
. pipelining (bool, whether to enable HTTP/1.1 pipelining)
. chunk_length_penalty_size (int, chunk length threshold for pipelining, libcurl >= 7.30.0)
. content_length_penalty_size (int, size threshold for pipelining, libcurl >= 7.30.0)
. pipelining_server_bl (array, list of server software names to blacklist for pipelining, libcurl >= 7.30.0)
. pipelining_site_bl (array, list of server host names to blacklist for pipelining, libcurl >= 7.30.0)
. use_eventloop (bool, whether to use libevent, libcurl+libevent)
+ Added http\Client::getAvailableOptions() and http\Client::getAvailableConfiguration() methods
+ Added support for HTTP2 if libcurl was built with nghttp2 support.
+ Added http\Client\Curl\HTTP_VERSION_2_0 constant (libcurl >= 7.33.0)
+ Added http\Client\Curl\TLS_AUTH_SRP constant (libcurl >= 7.21.4)
+ Added pinned_publickey SSL request option (libcurl >= 7.39.0)
+ Added tlsauthtype, tlsauthuser and tlsauthpass SSL request option (libcurl >= 7.21.4)
+ Added verifystatus (a.k.a OCSP) SSL request option (libcurl >= 7.41.0)
+ Added proxyheader request option (libcurl >= 7.37.0)
+ Added unix_socket_path request option (libcurl >= 7.40.0)
* Fixed compress request option
* Fixed parsing authorities of CONNECT messages
* Fixed parsing Content-Range messages
* Fixed http\Env\Response to default to chunked encoding over streams
* Fixed superfluous output of Content-Length:0 headers
* Fixed persistent easy handles to be only created for persistent multi handles
* Fixed the header parser to accept not-yet-complete header lines
* Fixed http\Message::toStream() crash in ZTS mode
* Fixed the message stream parser to handle intermediary data bigger than 4k
* Fixed the message stream parser to handle single header lines without EOL
* Fixed http\Message\Body to not generate stat based etags for temporary streams
- Deprecated http\Client::enablePipelining(), use http\Client::configure(["pipelining" => true]) instead
- Deprecated http\Client::enableEvents(), use http\Client::configure(["use_eventloop" => true]) instead
- Removed the cookies entry from the transfer info, wich was very slow and generated a Netscape formatted list of cookies
- Changed the header parser to reject illegal characters

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