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swoole 4.3.1

Package Information
Summary Event-driven asynchronous and concurrent networking engine with high performance for PHP.
Maintainers shen zhe < shenzhe163 at gmail dot com > (developer) [details]
Han Tianfeng < mikan dot tenny at gmail dot com > (lead) [details]
QiHao ChenCao < twose at qq dot com > (developer) [details]
Lufei < lufei at php dot net > (developer) [details]
Bruce Dou < doubaokun at php dot net > (developer) [details]
License Apache2.0
Description Event-driven asynchronous and concurrent networking engine with high performance for PHP.
- event-driven
- coroutine
- asynchronous non-blocking
- multi-thread reactor
- multi-process worker
- multi-protocol
- millisecond timer
- built-in tcp/http/websocket/http2 server
- coroutine tcp/http/websocket client
- coroutine read/write file system
- coroutine dns lookup
- support IPv4/IPv6/UnixSocket/TCP/UDP
- support SSL/TLS encrypted transmission
Homepage https://github.com/swoole/swoole-src
Release notes
Version 4.3.1
* After `Server` enabled `ssl_verify_peer`, the client without the certificate will be forcibly disconnected (31a038f) (@shiguangqi)
* `MySQL\Statement::execute` can accept null arguments (0207ebc) (@twose)
* Now part of the fatal error message caused by illegal code will show the call stack trace, the warning will be more friendly (such as calling the coroutine method outside the coroutine) (@twose)

* Fixed`swSignalfd_set` unexpected result (#2397) (@junwei-qu)
* Fixed `Socks5`proxy memory error (9dd0b7c) (@twose)
* Fixed`Redis` backward compatibility (connect timeou configuration does not work) (21f34cc) (@twose)
* Fixed `Server` reload BUG (31a038f) (@shiguangqi)
* Fixed `Co\Http\Client` with defer mode and call `recv` with the timeout agrument but timeout does not work (2c1cd83) (@twose)
* Fixed call the coroutine method out side the coroutine core dump (2bf6b09) (@twose)
* Fixed Swoole + PHP73 with `pcre.jit` on MacOS core dump (17ccaf3) (@twose)
* Fixed build failed on 32-bit env (#2411) (@twose)
* Fixed `Co\Socket` construct failed (@twose)
* Fixed`Process\Pool` system msg queue not work (#2424) (@matyhtf)
* Fixed `user` and `group` configurations not work in `Server` with BASE mode (#2402) (@matyhtf)
* Fixed `Co\MySQL` connect timeout coredump on low version of Linux (d6736e4) (@twose)

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