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Top Level :: Database :: pq :: 0.5.0

pq 0.5.0

Package Information
Summary PostgreSQL client library (libpq) binding
Maintainers Michael Wallner < mike at php dot net > (lead) [details]
Chris Wright < daverandom at php dot net > (developer) [details]
Remi Collet (developer) [details]
License BSD-2-Clause
Description Documents: https://mdref.m6w6.name/pq

* Nearly complete support for asynchronous usage:
* Extended type support by pg_type:
* Fetching simple multi-dimensional array maps:
* Working Gateway implementation:
Homepage https://github.com/m6w6/ext-pq
Release notes
Version 0.5.0
+ Published documentation at http://devel-m6w6.rhcloud.com/mdref/pq
+ Added pq\Connection::$params
+ Added pq\Connection::declare(), pq\Connection::declareAsync() and pq\Cursor
+ Added pq\Connection::unlisten() and pq\Connection::off()
+ Added pq\Connection::$defaultFetchType, pq\Connection::$defaultTransactionIsolation,
pq\Connection::$defaultTransactionReadonly and pq\Connection::$defaultTransactionDeferrable
+ Added pq\Connection::$defaultAutoConvert and pq\Result::$autoConvert
+ Added pq\Result::CONV_BOOL, pq\Result::CONV_INT, pq\Result::CONV_FLOAT, pq\Result::CONV_SCALAR,
pq\Result::CONV_ARRAY, pq\Result::CONV_DATETIME, pq\Result::CONV_JSON and pq\Result::CONV_ALL
+ Always declare pq\Types OID constants
+ Added pq\Result::fetchAllCols()
- Reverse arguments of pq\Result::fetchCol()
- Attempt to access properties of objects that have not been initialized by its constructor will throw E_RECOVERABLE_ERROR
- Renamed pq\ConverterInterface to pq\Converter
- Added second argument "$type" to pq\Converter::convertFromString() and pq\Converter::convertToString()
* Fixed wakeup of persistent connections to ping the server with an empty query and eventually reset the connection
* Fixed possible invalid free and leak
* Fixed a possible crash

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