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Remi Collet

Account Details
Handle: remi
Name: Remi Collet
Homepage: https://blog.remirepo.net/
VCS Access:
Maintaining These Packages:
Package Name Role
APCu lead
apcu_bc lead
Bitset lead
cmark lead
componere lead
dio lead
event contributor
jsonc lead
lzf lead
mailparse lead
memcached lead
parallel lead
pcov lead
pq developer
rpminfo lead
sandbox lead
sdl lead
selinux lead
smbclient contributor
stomp lead
tcpwrap lead
uopz lead
uuid lead
wkhtmltox lead
xattr lead
xdiff lead
zip lead

Notes for user remi
tyrael 2013-06-03 13:26:00:
Account opened

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