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Top Level :: Networking :: event :: 1.6.0

event 1.6.0

Package Information
Summary Provides interface to libevent library
Maintainers Remi Collet (contributor) [details]
Anatol Belski < ab at php dot net > (developer) [details]
Ruslan Osmanov < osmanov at php dot net > (lead) [details]
License PHP
Description This is an extension to efficiently schedule I/O, time and signal based
events using the best I/O notification mechanism available for specific platform.
This is a port of libevent to the PHP infrastructure.

Version 1.0.0 introduces:
* new OO API breaking backwards compatibility
* support of libevent 2+ including HTTP, DNS, OpenSSL and the event listener.

Note, event-1.0.0 and greater is not compatible with previous versions.
Homepage https://bitbucket.org/osmanov/pecl-event
Release notes
Version 1.6.0
Fix: bug #64551 with build failed on Mac OS X
Fix: address argument of the listener accept callback contained garbage in case of a client connected via UNIX domain socket
Add: EventBuffer::write, EventUtil::setSocketOption methods and some constants
Refact: automatically set the upper bound of EventBuffer::search to the buffer length, if it is greater then the length
Fix: make the code compatible with PHP 5.5.0 .. 5.6.0-dev
Fix: build error with zts PHP setup
Fix: build error with libevent_extra disabled
Add: EventListener fd readonly property for numeric file descriptor of the socket associated with the listener
Add: EventBuffer::substr method

Renamed EventBuffer::remove to EventBuffer::read, EventBuffer::read now takes only max_bytes argument and returns string.
Renamed EventBuffer::removeBuffer to EventBuffer::appendFrom
EventBuffer::read now takes single argument 'size' and returns the string read

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