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Top Level :: Database :: mongodb :: 0.5.1

mongodb 0.5.1

Package Information
Summary MongoDB driver for PHP
Maintainers Jeremy Mikola (lead) [details]
Katherine Walker (developer) [details]
Andreas Braun (lead) [details]
Derick Rethans (lead) [inactive] [wishlist] [details]
Hannes Magnusson (lead) [inactive] [details]
License Apache License
Description The purpose of this driver is to provide exceptionally thin glue between MongoDB
and PHP, implementing only fundamental and performance-critical components
necessary to build a fully-functional MongoDB driver.
Homepage https://www.mongodb.com/docs/drivers/php-drivers/
Release notes
Version 0.5.1
* PHPC-241: Don't try to use local timezone
* PHPC-241: mongodb.debug improvements
* PHPC-270: Several test fail because of missing enableTestCommands
* PHPC-270: add TESTCOMMANDS() skipif to confirm mongod is running with required options
* PHPC-269: Fix travis setup
* PHPC-268: Update tests to declare which environments they need
* PHPC-268: Add NEEDS() function to check if that environment is available
* PHPC-247: Remove 'faker' as prerequisite from running our full test suite
* PHPC-247: Remove on-the-fly composer generated fixtures
* PHPC-247: Use the bundled pregenerated fixtures
* PHPC-89: Bundle generated fixtures and make them easily loadable
* PHPC-260: Allow/use "object" in setTypeMap() as alias/preferred for "stdclass"
* PHPC-267; _id generated on embedded document
* PHPC-265: BSON encoding unsupoprted types (Resource) should fail
* PHPC-266: Add MongoDB\Driver\UnexpectedValueException
* PHPC-75: Improve code coverage
* PHPC-258: make all filed needed for test as role="test"
* PHPC-259: add --with-libbson option

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