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Top Level :: Authentication :: krb5 :: 1.1.1

krb5 1.1.1

Package Information
Summary Features:
Maintainers Moritz Bechler < mbechler at eenterphace dot org > (lead) [details]
License MIT License
Description + An interface for maintaining credential caches (KRB5CCache),
that can be used for authenticating against a kerberos5 realm
+ Bindings for nearly the complete GSSAPI (RFC2744)
+ The administrative interface (KADM5)
+ Support for HTTP Negotiate authentication via GSSAPI

+ see docs/ for the API documentation
+ there are several pieces of example code in the examples/ directory
+ see below for install instructions
Release notes
Version 1.1.1
- [FEATURE] Add KRB5CCache::changePassword kpasswd method
- [FEATURE] Add KADM5 API version 3 support (password failure policy)
- [BUG] properly mark shared globals external (fixes LLVM build)
- [BUG] Fix unterminated string copy memory corruption in negotiate_auth
- [BUG] properly free credentails in negotiate_auth (fixes rcache leaks)
- [BUG] fix _add_assoc_string string length (fixes extra null bytes in some arrays)
- [BUG] fix PHP7 crash due to wrong addrlist zval declaration

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