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Top Level :: Web Services :: SCA_SDO

SCA_SDO 1.2.3

Package Information
Summary Service Component Architecture (SCA) and Service Data Objects (SDO) for PHP
Maintainers Caroline Maynard <cem@php.net> (lead) [details]
Graham Charters <gcc@php.net> (lead) [details]
Matthew Peters <mfp@php.net> (lead) [details]
Simon Laws (lead) [details]
License Apache 2.0
Description Service Data Objects (SDOs) enable PHP applications to work with data from different sources (typically a database query or an XML file) using a single interface. SCA for PHP allows a PHP programmer to write reusable components (classes) in PHP, which can be called either locally, or in a a variety of ways remotely (soap web services, xml-rpc, json-rpc, REST, etc), but always with the same interface.
Homepage http://www.osoa.org/display/PHP/
Release notes
Version 1.2.3
* Fixes for PECL bugs:
- TUSCANY-1362 - Incorrect operation of code that checks whether schema is loaded before going out on the net to retrieve it.
- TUSCANY-1112 - (which is PECL 9867) Incorrect namespaces in generated XML
- TUSCANY-1564 - (which is PECL 11774) xsi:type not always set for complexType
- TUSCANY-1566 - Elements coming out in wrong namespace (found by Caroline and reported in the phpsoa group under "Experiences with Atompub"
* Other:
- Pick up revision 568244 of Tuscany SDO code.
- There is a new Rest Resource binding, with tests and examples.
- There is a new simpledb binding with examples

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Dependencies for release 1.2.3
PHP Version: PHP 5.1.0 or newer
PEAR Package: sdo
PHP Extension: sdo_das_xml
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