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# Package name Description  
1 APC Alternative PHP Cache
2 APCu APCu - APC User Cache
3 apcu_bc APCu Backwards Compatibility Module
4 chdb A fast database for constant data with memory sharing across processes
5 coherence Extension for Oracle Coherence
6 hidef Constants for real
7 immutable_cache immutable_cache - an shared memory cache of immutable values
8 memcache memcached extension
9 memcached PHP extension for interfacing with memcached via libmemcached library
10 memoize Transparently cache PHP functions
11 varnish Varnish Cache bindings
12 WinCache Windows Cache Extension for PHP
13 yac lockless user data cache
14 ZendOpcache The Zend OPcache provides faster PHP execution through opcode caching and optimization.

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