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xdebug 2.0.0beta6

Package Information
Summary Xdebug is a debugging and productivity extension for PHP
Maintainers Derick Rethans < derick at php dot net > (lead) [wishlist] [details]
License Xdebug-1.03
Description Xdebug and provides a range of features to improve the PHP development

Step Debugging
A way to step through your code in your IDE or editor while the script is

Improvements to PHP's error reporting
An improved var_dump() function, stack traces for Notices, Warnings, Errors
and Exceptions to highlight the code path to the error

Writes every function call, with arguments and invocation location to disk.
Optionally also includes every variable assignment and return value for
each function.

Allows you, with the help of visualisation tools, to analyse the
performance of your PHP application and find bottlenecks.

Code Coverage Analysis
To show which parts of your code base are executed when running unit tests
with PHP Unit.
Homepage https://xdebug.org/
Release notes
Version 2.0.0beta6
+ Added new features:
- Implemented FR #137: feature_get for general commands doesn't have a text field.
- Implemented FR #131: XDebug needs to implement paged child object requests.
- Implemented FR #124: Add backtrace dumping information when exception thrown.
- Implemented FR #70: Add feature_get breakpoint_types.
- Added profiling aggregation functions (patch by Andrei Zmievski)
- Implemented the "timestamp" option for the xdebug.trace_output_name and
xdebug.profiler_output_name settings.
- Added the xdebug.remote_log setting that allows you to log debugger
communication to a log file for debugging. This can also be set through
the "remote_log" element in the XDEBUG_CONFIG environment variable.
- Added a "script" value to the profiler_output_name option. This will write
the profiler output to a filename that consists of the script's full path
(using underscores). ie: /var/www/index.php becomes
var_www_index_php_cachegrind.out. (Patch by Brian Shire).
- DBGp: Implemented support for hit conditions for breakpoints.
- DBGp: Added support for conditions for file/line breakpoints.
- DBGp: Added support for hit value checking to file/line breakpoints.
- DBGp: Added support for "exception" breakpoints.

+ Performance improvements:
- Added a cache that prevents the code coverage functionality from running a
"which code is executable check" on every function call, even if they
were executed multiple times. This should speed up code coverage a lot.
- Speedup Xdebug but only gathering information about variables in scopes when
either remote debugging is used, or show_local_vars is enabled.

= Fixed bugs:
- Fixed bug #184: problem with control chars in code traces
- Fixed bug #183: property_get -n $this->somethingnonexistent crashes the
- Fixed bug #182: Errors are not html escaped when being displayed.
- Fixed bug #180: collected includes not shown in trace files. (Patch by
Cristian Rodriguez)
- Fixed bug #178: $php_errormsg and Track errors unavailable.
- Fixed bug #177: debugclient fails to compile due to Bison.
- Fixed bug #176: Segfault using SplTempFileObject.
- Fixed bug #173: Xdebug segfaults using SPL ArrayIterator.
- Fixed bug #171: set_time_limit stack overflow on 2nd request.
- Fixed bug #168: Xdebug's DBGp crashes on an eval command where the
result is an array.
- Fixed bug #125: show_mem_delta does not calculate correct negative values on
64bit machines.
- Fixed bug #121: property_get -n $r[2] returns the whole hash.
- Fixed bug #111: xdebug does not ignore set_time_limit() function during debug
- Fixed bug #87: Warning about headers when "register_shutdown_function" used.
- Fixed PECL bug #6940 (XDebug ignores set_time_limit)
- Fixed Komodo bug 45484: no member data for objects in PHP debugger.
- Suppress NOP/EXT_NOP from being marked as executable code with Code

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