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Package Information
Summary CUBRID driver for PDO
Maintainers Esen Sagynov (lead) [details]
License PHP
Description This extension provides a CUBRID driver for PDO.
Homepage http://www.cubrid.org/php_cubrid_pdo
Release notes
2008 R3.1 Release

This release is a major release. CUBRID 3.1 Stable has been released. Several new
features have been added to this version including new BLOB and CLOB data types and
new APIs in JDBC/CCI which can get foreign key information. Accordingly new features
are added in this CUBRID PDO version, and some bugs have been fixed.

Features Added:

- Add LOB (BLOB/CLOB) data support:

The LOB in PDO is represented as a stream, so you can insert LOBs by binding a stream,
and get LOBs by reading a stream returned by CUBRID PDO.

Known issue: If column data type is CLOB, binding parameter will fail. This bug will
fixed later.

- Add Multipy-Query support:

Now you can execute multiple queries and get results using PDOStatement->nextRowset.

- Add three new schema type integer constants for cubrid_schema, which can be used to
get foreign key information:


Features changed:

- In version 8.3.0, the default value of autocommit mode is false. In this release it
is changed to true.

Features removed:

- Remove constant CUBRID_INCLUDE_OID, because there is no methods in PDO using OID;

Fixed bugs:

- Fix a bug in cubrid_handle_preparer which makes user can change cursor type to scrollable cursor when preparing SQL;
- Fix a bug in cubrid_handle_prepare: when binding parameter is named parameter, there will be memory leak;
- Fix a bug in cubrid_handle_quoter: when escaping single quote in string, it should use double single quotes, not backslash;
- Fix a bug in cubrid_handle_begin, cubrid_handle_commit and cubrid_handle_rollback: when beginning a transaction, it should commit un-commited transaction, turn off autocommit_mode, after commit or rollback, then restore the autocommit_mode;
- Fix a bug in cubrid_stmt_param_hook: when the value of binding parameter is NULL, it will covert the value to empty string;
- Fix a bug about cursor type: the cursor type (forward only or scrollable) should be statement attribute, not connection attribute.
- Fix a bug in cubrid_schema: After array_init(return_value), when error occures, it should destroy array before return false.

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