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Package Information
Summary This is the official PHP Extension to connect to CUBRID Database.
Maintainers Esen Sagynov (lead) [details]
License PHP
Description CUBRID is an open source database management system highly optimized for Web applications (http://www.cubrid.org). The current PHP extension is fully compatibly with the latest stable version of CUBRID Database. To post issues and report bugs, please use CUBRID Official Forum at http://forum.cubrid.org.
Homepage http://www.cubrid.org/php_api_for_cubrid
Release notes
We have added functions about lob object in this version and these functions have been tested carefully.
If you want to get more information about the bugs or if you need help, please go to

The following functions have been added:

- cubrid_lob2_new
- cubrid_lob2_bind
- cubrid_lob2_export
- cubrid_lob2_import
- cubrid_lob2_read
- cubrid_lob2_write
- cubrid_lob2_tell
- cubrid_lob2_tell64
- cubrid_lob2_seek
- cubrid_lob2_seek64
- cubrid_lob2_size
- cubrid_lob2_size64
- cubrid_lob2_close

Changed and Enhanced Features:

1) APIS-179: Remove the support of named placeholders for prepare statements

2) APIS-172: Remove the possibilities of the value of affected rows may not correct

3) APIS-171: Unify the request resource registered in cubrid_execute, cubrid_query and cubrid_unbuffered_query

Though the implements of cubrid_execute, cubrid_query and cubrid_unbuffered_query are different,
there are also some problems that these three functions all need to consider, such as when should the
request resource be registered. We should register the request resource when the related objects are ready.

Fixed bugs:

1) APIS-176: Resolve the memory growth when continually execute SQL statements on one connection and don't close request.

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