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Package Information
Summary This is the official PHP Extension to connect to CUBRID Database.
Maintainers Esen Sagynov (lead) [details]
License PHP
Description CUBRID is an open source database management system highly optimized for Web applications (http://www.cubrid.org). The current PHP extension is fully compatibly with the latest stable version of CUBRID Database. To post issues and report bugs, please use CUBRID Official Forum at http://forum.cubrid.org.
Homepage http://www.cubrid.org/php_api_for_cubrid
Release notes
Changed and Enhanced Features:

- APIS-52: Simplify the code of cubrid_client_encoding and cubrid_get_charset
- APIS-72: Unify the return value of some functions when they fail
- APIS-97: In PHP calling is_resource() function when = cubrid resource, always returns "Unknown"
- APIS-100: PHPinfo() displays DB engine, CCI(libcas) and PHP driver's version info
- APIS-103: Error: CCI, -13, Column index is out of range when calling cubrid_fetch_field()
- APIS-105: cubrid_field_type() returns "varchar(100)" instead of "varchar"
- APIS-106: cubrid_affected_rows() requires a different parameter than mysql_affected_rows()
- APIS-107: cubrid_fetch_field() return default value as empty string instead of NULL
- APIS-108: The resource parameter in cubrid_disconnect should be optional as in cubrid_close
- APIS-109: Make the return values of cubrid_move_cursor and cubrid_data_seek consistent with mysql_data_seek
- APIS-110: Modify return value of cubrid_num_fields
- APIS-111: cubrid_list_dbs() requires connection_id while in mysql_list_dbs() connection_id is optional
- APIS-117: cubrid_fetch_field will affect the cursor position which will influence the results of cubrid_fetch
- APIS-123: Return value of cubrid_fetch_lengths method is empty when record number is 1
- APIS-128: Passing field parameter in the form of tablename.fieldname to cubrid_result method will fail
- APIS-129: Getting value using cubrid_result method will fail when the column value in database is null
- APIS-132: Error message is empty when row number is out of range of cubrid_data_seek method
- APIS-135: Segment default will appear when calling cubrid_list_dbs() method
- APIS-147: Connect will success when passing a error passwd to cubrid_pconnect() method
- APIS-150: Return values are not good for cubrid_get_autocommit

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