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Top Level :: PHP :: phar :: 2.0.0RC2

phar 2.0.0RC2

This package is not maintained anymore and has been superseded. Package has moved to channel https://www.php.net/phar
Package Information
Summary allows running of complete applications out of .phar files (like Java .jar files)
Maintainers Steph Fox (developer) [details]
Greg Beaver (lead) [wishlist] [details]
Marcus B?rger < helly at php dot net > (lead) [wishlist] [details]
License PHP License
Description This is the extension version of PEAR's PHP_Archive package. Support for
zlib, bz2 and crc32 is achieved without any dependency other than the external
zlib or bz2 extension.

.phar files can be read using the phar stream, or with the Phar class. If the SPL extension
is available, a Phar object can be used as an array to iterate over a phar's contents
or to read files directly from the phar.

Phar supports tar and zip file formats as well as the native phar file format, and can also be
used to create data-only tar and zip archives with the PharData class, even if
write access is disabled by the phar.readonly ini variable.

Executable phar archives can be created using the streams API or with the Phar class, if
the phar.readonly ini variable is set to false.

Full support for MD5 and SHA1 signatures is possible. Signatures can be required
if the ini variable phar.require_hash is set to true. When PECL extension hash is
available then SHA-256 and SHA-512 signatures are supported as well.

Phar is APC-compatible, the latest APC will cache files within a phar archive, resulting in
a 6x speedup measured running phpMyAdmin as a phar archive.
Release notes
Version 2.0.0RC2
BC breaks:
* Phar object Compression API is rewritten. Use Phar::compress() and decompress(),
Phar::compressFiles()/decompressFiles() and PharFileInfo->compress()/decompress().
* phar.extract_list and Phar::getExtractList() are removed

Major feature functionality release
* phar.cache_list allows web-based phar applications to run at equal or faster than
their on-disk equivalent [Greg]
* new default stub allows running of phar-based phars without phar extension [Greg/Steph]
* add support for tar-based and zip-based phar archives [Greg]
* add support for OpenSSL-based true signatures [Greg]
* add support for signatures to tar-based phar archives [Greg]
* add Phar::isFileFormat() [Greg]
* add Phar::convertToExecutable(), Phar::convertToData() [Greg]
* add Phar::compress() [Greg]
* rename Phar::compressAllFiles() to compressFiles(), uncompressAllFiles() to
decompressFiles() [Greg]
* conversion to compressed or to other file formats automatically copies the archive
to a new extension (i.e. ".phar" to ".phar.tar" or ".tar" to ".tar.gz") [Steph]
* add Phar::webPhar() for running a web-based application unmodified
directly from a phar archive [Greg]
* file functions (fopen-based and stat-based) can be instructed to only look for
relative paths within a phar via Phar::interceptFileFuncs()
* add PharData class to allow manipulation/creation of non-executable tar and zip archives. [Steph]
non-executable tar/zip manipulation is allowed even when phar.readonly=1 [Greg]
* paths with . and .. work (phar://blah.phar/a/../b.php => phar://blah.phar/b.php) [Greg]
* add support for mkdir()/rmdir() and support for empty directories to phar file format [Greg]
* add option to compress the entire phar file for phar/tar file format [Greg]
* implement Phar::isCompressed() returning 0, Phar::GZ or Phar::BZ2 [Greg]
* implement Phar::copy(string $from, string $to) [Greg]
* implement Phar::running(), returns path or URL to currently executed phar
* implement Phar::buildFromIterator(Iterator $it[, string $base_directory]) [Greg]
* implement Phar::buildFromDirectory(string $base_directory[, string $regex]) [Steph]
* implement Phar::mount() for mounting external paths or files to locations inside a phar [Greg]
* add Phar::delete() [Greg]
* implement Phar::unlinkArchive() [Greg]

Security addition
* aliases are validated so that they contain no directory separators as intended
* on conversion to other formats, user-supplied aliases are validated

Changes since 2.0.0RC1:
security vulnerability in handling of long tar filenames fixed
fixed PECL Bug #14646: phar error message unclear with php stream wrappers
fixed PECL Bug #16338: php_stream_copy_to_stream{,_ex}()
fixed PHP Bug #48257: PharData throws an exception with non-phar tar
fixed PHP Bug #47085: rename() returns true even if the file in PHAR does not exist
fixed PHP Bug #46032: PharData::__construct() - wrong memory read
fixed PHP Bug #46060: Phar::addEmptyDir() breaks
fixed PHP Bug #45907: undefined reference to 'PHP_SHA512Init'
fixed PHP Bug #45726: PHP_Archive / Archive.php missing
Changes since 2.0.0a2: many bugfixes, removal of phar.extract_list, compression API refactored,
conversion API refactored
Changes since 2.0.0b1: addition of phar.cache_list, many performance improvements and bugfixes
implement OpenSSL asynchronous true package signing
add support for package signing to tar-based archives
require PHP 5.2.1+

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Dependencies for release 2.0.0RC2
PHP Version: PHP 5.2.1 or newer
PEAR Package: PEAR 1.4.3 or newer
PECL Package: bz2
PECL Package: hash
PHP Extension: spl
PHP Extension: zlib
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