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Top Level :: Structures :: teds :: 0.12.0 :: Windows

teds 0.12.0 for Windows

Package Information
Summary Provides extra data structures and iterable/array functionality.
Maintainers Tyson Andre (lead) [details]
License BSD-3-Clause
Description teds (Tentative Extra Data Structures) is a collection of data structures and iterable functionality
Homepage https://github.com/TysonAndre/pecl-teds
Release notes
Version 0.12.0
* Breaking changes.
* Fix serialization/unserialization in StableMinHeap/StableMaxHeap.
* Add interfaces for `Teds\Values` (e.g. Heap/Set), Teds\Collection(e.g. StrictMap, StableSortedMap), ListInterface(Vector, Deque, etc.) (the keyword list is reserved)
* Implement ->values() in classes implementing `Teds\Values`.
* Make offsetExists consistently return false when the value of the given key is null across all data structures.
* Add Teds\Collection->containsKey to return true if a key exists without coercing types, and returning true regardless of whether the corresponding key is null.
* Change signature of IntVector::set() and ::push() to match ListInterface
* Add Collection::toArray() (behaves like iterator_to_array).
* Check for exceeding 64-bit capacity limits in more collections to avoid hitting gc size limits
and to avoid unpredictable behavior (e.g. it'd be surprising to have this throw/fatal error only if var_export/var_dump/json_encode was called and PHP's array size limits(2147483648 elements, or at least 32GB) were hit).
DLL List
PHP 8.1 8.1 Non Thread Safe (NTS) x64
8.1 Thread Safe (TS) x64
8.1 Non Thread Safe (NTS) x86
8.1 Thread Safe (TS) x86
PHP 8.0 8.0 Non Thread Safe (NTS) x64
8.0 Thread Safe (TS) x64
8.0 Non Thread Safe (NTS) x86
8.0 Thread Safe (TS) x86

In case of missing DLLs, consider to contact the PHP for Windows Team.

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