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Top Level :: Networking :: amqp :: 1.11.0beta :: Windows

amqp 1.11.0beta for Windows

Package Information
Summary Communicate with any AMQP compliant server
Maintainers Lars Strojny < lstrojny at php dot net > (lead) [wishlist] [details]
Bohdan Padalko (developer) [details]
Pieter de Zwart (lead) [inactive] [details]
License PHP License
Description This extension can communicate with any AMQP spec 0-9-1 compatible server, such as RabbitMQ, OpenAMQP and Qpid, giving you the ability to create and delete exchanges and queues, as well as publish to any exchange and consume from any queue.
Homepage https://github.com/php-amqp/php-amqp
Release notes
Version 1.11.0beta
- PHP 8 support (Remi Collet <remi@remirepo.net>, mmokhi <mokhi64@gmail.com>) (https://github.com/php-amqp/php-amqp/issues/383, https://github.com/php-amqp/php-amqp/issues/381)
- Windows build: alternatively check \include\librabbitmq for amqp.h (Jan Ehrhardt <github@ehrhardt.nl>) (https://github.com/php-amqp/php-amqp/issues/375)
- Use latests PHP versions for AppVeyor instead of .0 (Christoph M. Becker <cmbecker69@gmx.de>) (https://github.com/php-amqp/php-amqp/issues/374)
- Various AppVeyor Windows build enhancements and fixes (Christoph M. Becker <cmbecker69@gmx.de>) (https://github.com/php-amqp/php-amqp/issues/373, https://github.com/php-amqp/php-amqp/issues/370)
- Better test suite isolation, ignore local ini settings (Lars Strojny <lars.strojny@internations.org>) (https://github.com/php-amqp/php-amqp/issues/371)

For a complete list of changes see:
DLL List
PHP 7.4 7.4 Non Thread Safe (NTS) x64
7.4 Thread Safe (TS) x64
7.4 Non Thread Safe (NTS) x86
7.4 Thread Safe (TS) x86
PHP 7.3 7.3 Non Thread Safe (NTS) x64
7.3 Thread Safe (TS) x64
7.3 Non Thread Safe (NTS) x86
7.3 Thread Safe (TS) x86

In case of missing DLLs, consider to contact the Windows Internals List (subscribe first).

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