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This package is not maintained anymore and has been superseded. Package has moved to channel http://svn.php.net/viewvc/php/php-src/trunk/ext/pdo_mysql/, package ext/pdo_mysql.
Package Information
Summary MySQL driver for PDO
Maintainers George Schlossnagle <george@omniti.com> (lead) [wishlist] [details]
Ilia Alshanetsky <ilia@php.net> (lead) [details]
Wez Furlong <wez@php.net> (lead) [details]
License PHP
Description Do not use this, as PDO has been moved into core (the php source) so this pecl extension is dead.

This old extension provided a MySQL driver for PDO.

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Available Releases
Version State Release Date Downloads  
1.0.2 stable 2006-05-01 PDO_MYSQL-1.0.2.tgz (14.4kB) [Changelog]
1.0.1 stable 2005-12-01 PDO_MYSQL-1.0.1.tgz (12.7kB) [Changelog]
1.0 stable 2005-11-26 PDO_MYSQL-1.0.tgz (12.6kB) [Changelog]
1.0RC2 beta 2005-11-01 PDO_MYSQL-1.0RC2.tgz (12.4kB) [Changelog]
1.0RC1 beta 2005-09-11 PDO_MYSQL-1.0RC1.tgz (11.3kB) [Changelog]
0.9 beta 2005-07-27 PDO_MYSQL-0.9.tgz (11.2kB) [Changelog]
0.2 beta 2005-02-09 PDO_MYSQL-0.2.tgz (6.6kB) [Changelog]
0.1 alpha 2004-05-21 pdo_mysql-0.1.tgz (6.1kB) [Changelog]

Release 1.0.2: PHP Version: PHP 5.0.3 or newer
PECL Package: pdo 1.0.3 or newer
Release 1.0.1: PHP Version: PHP 5.0.3 or newer
PHP Extension: pdo 1.0 or newer
Release 1.0: PHP Version: PHP 5.0.3 or newer
PHP Extension: pdo 1.0 or newer
Dependencies for older releases can be found on the release overview page.
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