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v8 0.1.2

Package Information
Summary V8 JavaScript engine API for PHP
Maintainers Bogdan Padalko (lead) [details]
Stefan Siegl <stesie@brokenpipe.de> (lead) [details]
License The MIT License (MIT)
Description This extension brings V8 JavaScript engine API to PHP with some abstraction in mind and provides an accurate native V8 C++ API implementation available from PHP.
Homepage https://github.com/pinepain/php-v8
Release notes
Version 0.1.2
This release adds script compilation and caching. Also more new methods added and some internal logic refactored.
See detailed changes below.

As of this release, V8 >= 5.8.168 required.

* - BC-breaking or potentially BC-breaking changes.

Changes to public API and other important changes which may affect end-user:

- * Add $is_wasm and $is_module options to V8\ScriptOriginOptions and V8\ScriptOrigin;
- * Remove non-standard V8\Scrip::{getSource,getOrigin};
- * Remove V8\ObjectValue::{Get,Set,Has,Delete,CreateDataProperty}Indexed methods;
- * Remove non-working V8\Context extensions support;
- * Handle V8\IntegerValue sub-types when returning values from V8, fixes #19;
- Add V8\UnboundScript class;
- Add V8\ScriptCompiler\CachedData class;
- Add V8\ScriptCompiler\CompileOptions class;
- Add V8\ScriptCompiler\Source class;
- Add V8\ScriptCompiler;
- Add V8\SymbolValue::GetToPrimitive() method;
- Add V8\Value::IsNullOrUndefinedl() method;
- Add more V8\Value::Is*() methods;
- Add V8\MapObject;
- Add V8\SetObject;
- Fix obj and func templates external memory adjusting.

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