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memcache 3.0.3

Package Information
Summary memcached extension
Maintainers Antony Dovgal (lead) [wishlist] [details]
Pierre Joye (lead) [wishlist] [details]
Herman Radtke < hradtke at php dot net > (lead) [details]
Mikael Johansson (lead) [details]
Tomas Srnka (lead) [details]
License PHP License
Description Memcached is a caching daemon designed especially for
dynamic web applications to decrease database load by
storing objects in memory.
This extension allows you to work with memcached through
handy OO and procedural interfaces.
The extension allows use to store sessions in memcached via memcache.
Release notes
Version 3.0.3
- Enabled compression by default for values larger than 20kb
- Scalar data types (int, bool, double) are preserved by get/set
- Reserved the lowest 2 bytes of the flags for internal use
- Fixed PECL bug #14157 (Segmentation fault with errorcallback handler)
- Fixed PECL bug #15342 (memcache keys whitespaces replace issue)
- Fixed PECL bug #15447 (Persistent Connections Cause Segfaults if One Server Drops)
- Fixed PECL bug #15529 (memcache object loses port information)
- Fixed PECL bug #14730 (Types lost during get/set)
- Fixed PECL request #14801 (Session handler and large sessions)
- Added REPORT_ERRORS to php stream open
- New INI directive
memcache.compress_threshold = 20000

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