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WinBinder 0.46.0

Package Information
Summary A Native Windows Binding for PHP
Maintainers Rubem Pechansky (lead) [details]
Stefano F. Rausch < stefano at rausch-e dot net > (lead) [details]
License BSD License
Description WinBinder is a new extension that allows PHP programmers to build native Window applications. It wraps the Windows API in a lightweight, easy-to-use library, so that program creation is quick and straightforward.
Homepage http://hypervisual.com/winbinder/
Release notes
Version 0.46.0
This is the last maintenance release of the alpha branch. WinBinder now does fully support the following PHP versions: 4.3.10 up to 4.4.2 and 5.0.3 up to 5.1.4.


- added the new Form Editor (FE) developed by Rubem and removed the old Layout Editor (LE)


- improved PHP version checking in winbinder.php

- In PHP.INI for version 5.0 and 5.1: added E_STRICT flag to entry error_reporting

- created PHP 5.1.1 path and project files for lcc-win32

- added and optional extra parameter (usually called $lparam3) to window callback functions. This was done via wbCallUserFunction()

- on windows that have the WBC_RESIZE style, $lparam3 (in the callback function) now receives the size of the client area as a LONG. Usually a call to wb_get_size($window, true) would produce the same effect, but it's there anyway to take advantage of the new $lparam3

- Changes in make_release.phpw:

. even less "USER PARAMETERS" to set up (7 strings only)
. force DEBUG = False in wb_setup.pas
. slight adjustments in screen layout
. more adjustments to include PHP 5.1.1 files
. checks if zip file was actually generated
. other changes

- small changes in welcome.phpw

- examples/hyperlink.phpw: changed to show "finger" cursor and underlined text

- examples/printer.phpw: added example how to print directly from a WinBinder enabled application

- resources/wb.ico: added new WinBinder icon


- wb_generic.inc.php: functions generate_ini and parse_ini do now handle double quotes correctly; fixed missing escaping of the '$' character

- wb_windows.inc.php: function wb_set_selected now processes check boxes in menu items as it should; wb_get_text() now returns an array with the whole contents of a ListView control, as stated in the manual - did return null instead

- solved memory leak that occurred on every function call: added some extra calls to efree() in function wbCallUserFunction() in module phpwb_wb_lib.c

- wb_control.c: Rectified wb_set_range() slider TBM_SETRANGEMAX action and other aspects of this function

- WBC_MOUSEMOVE messages were not being sent in certain situations

- InvisibleArea was subclassed to process and send WM_MOUSEMOVE messages to the callback

- wb_refresh() (and wbRefreshControl()):

. completely rewrote the whole function
. default value of parameter 'now' was changed to TRUE
. now it invalidates and redraws only a part of the screen or control when (still undocumented) xpos/ypos/width/height parameters are passed to it. Was buggy prior to this release.
. probably a bit faster for most operations
. if the wb_refresh() command is issued and the xpos/ypos/width/height are set, the window callback function (in PHP) receives a pointer to rectangle (About to change! Should be the area instead, and an array would be great.) as $lparam3. If wb_refresh() acts on the whole window, $lparam3 is zero.

Dimensions should be obtained from $lparam3
as follows:

$address = wb_peek($lparam3, 16);
$num = unpack('L4n', $address);
$xpos = $num['n1'];
$ypos = $num['n2'];
$width = $num['n3'] - $xpos;
$height = $num['n4'] - $ypos;

- Added handling of the official PHP 4.4.2 bug reported at http://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=36671 and regarding the function file_get_contents in examples/welcome.phpw

- Changes in make_release.phpw:

. now correctly handles/saves the new version no. structure

- Changes in setup:

. many changes and corrections to wb_setup.iss (PHP 5.0 and 5.1, freeimage.dll, etc.)
. separated the script section from wb.iss into wb_setup.pas. A separate file allows correct syntax highlighting in a code editor and allows testing script changes without leaving ISTool (Inno Setup UI)
. other changes


- updated the PHP 4 engine and the respective extensions to 4.4.2

- removed the redundant PHP binaries and accompanying files (not the extensions) for 5.0.5 and 5.1.2

- uploaded new "minimal" PHP 4.4.2, 5.0.5 and 5.1.2 versions as well as the respective extensions to SF

For further enhancements and bug fixes since the last official release 0.43.164 see the change log.

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Dependencies for release 0.46.0
PHP Version: PHP version 5.1.4 or older
PHP Version: PHP 4.3.10 or newer
PEAR Package: PEAR 1.4.0a12 or newer
Operating System: windows
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