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Top Level :: PHP :: APM :: 2.0.0

APM 2.0.0

Package Information
Summary Alternative PHP Monitor
Maintainers Patrick Allaert < patrickallaert at php dot net > (lead) [details]
Olivier Garcia (developer) [details]
Davide Mendolia < dmendolia at php dot net > (lead) [details]
License PHP License
Description Monitoring extension for PHP, collects error events and statistics and send them to one of his drivers:
SQLite and MariaDB/MySQL drivers are storing those in a database.
StatsD driver sends them to StatsD using UDP.
Socket driver sends them via UDP or TCP socket using its dedicated protocol.
More drivers to come (SNMP, e-mail, Hadoop,...).

A web frontend exists for manipulating the data stored in database at: https://github.com/patrickallaert/php-apm-web
Release notes
Version 2.0.0
New drivers:
- StatsD
- Socket

- Per-driver option 'apm.<storage driver>_store_silenced_events that lets you toggle whether to store silenced (@-ed) errors (thanks Mathieu Kooiman (@mathieuk))
- apm.*_exception_mode configuration to control exception collection
- Auto creation of SQLite and MariaDB/MySQL schemas
- Stats:
- User and System CPU time
- Memory Peak Usage
- HTTP response code
- 'application_id' field to categorize the issues per application/server/environment/...
- Support for compilation on Ubuntu (thanks Olivier Garcia (@0livier))

- Deep refactoring:
- New DB schema
- No more native functions, retrieval of data is directly made in PHP
- SQLite drivder attempts to create the directory structure by himself
- Renamed 'slow request' to 'stats'
- Connect to MySQL once and reconnect if needed
- Small UI improvements
- Avoiding int / uint conversion
- MariaDB/MySQL driver activated by default

- Parse error test failing on PHP 5.4
- Possible segfault with APM_DEBUG used outside RINIT/RSHUTDOWN phases
- Missing disconnect from SQLite DB if changed with ini_set()
- Too few arguments to sprintf() with MariaDB/MySQL backend
- Possible segfault with PHP 5.5
- Segmentation fault with "zend_mm_heap corrupted" message.
- Missing zval reference incrementing
- Out of memory error in backtrace generation
- Removed hard-coded limit of 64kB json data
- Do not activate silence handler if APM is not enabled
- Some compiler warnings
- Incorrect status propagation for PHP_RSHUTDOWN_FUNCTION
- Several memory leaks

- Deffered processing (can't be easily implemented in a generic and driver
agnostic way. Depending on the drivers, some deffered processing will
happen inside them.)
- Reference SQL files, see source code for that ;-)

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