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Changelog for yaml
Release What has changed?
1.2.0 New Features:
- #69617 Allow unserialize for !php/object to be disabled

New yaml.decode_php ini setting to enable/disable serialized php object
processing. Deployments relying on !php/object are encouraged to
explicitly set yaml.decode_php=1 as default will change to disabled in
a future release.

Bugs Fixed:
- Honour --with-libdir
- Fix package.xml schema validation
- Add const for pointers where possible
- Explicitly cast emalloc returns
- #69465 Resolve quoted and non-specific scalars as strings
- #69616 Fix double free when unserialize fails
1.1.1 New Features:
- Removed "not yet implemented" warning and deliberate abort from
Bugs Fixed:
- #61770 Crash on nonunicode character
- #61923 Detect_scalar_type() is not aware of base 60 representation
- #63086 Compiling PHP with YAML as static extension fails
- #64019 Segmentation fault if yaml anchor ends with a colon
- #64694 Segfault when array used as mapping key
1.1.0 Marking 1.1.0 branch as stable. No change from 1.1.0RC2.
1.1.0RC2 Bugs Fixed:
- #61477 memset sizeof(struct) instead of sizeof(pointer)
- #61475 config.m4 honors `php-config --prefix`
1.1.0RC1 New Features:
- #59860 Callback support when parsing implicit tags
- #60711 Callback support when emitting objects
Bugs Fixed:
- #59765 Build process does not honour custom CFLAGS
- #60628 Mystery circular references after tag callback
1.0.1 - Bug #21995: fixed double free bug when a callback mapping is provided
- corrected string length issue with callback "tag" argument
- added "tag" and "flags" arguments to sequence and map callbacks
1.0.0 Marking package as stable after 12 months of daily production usage.
0.6.3 Fixed packaging problem that broke install via pecl channel.
0.6.2 First release from new hosting at svn.php.net via pecl.php.net


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