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Changelog for svn
Release What has changed?
2.0.3 PHP 7 compatility

#75206 - support for PHP7 by at mitani at gmail dot com
1.0.3 Minor bug fix / feature release

Compiles with libsvn 1.9

#71025 - support for subversion 1.9 by pterjan at google dot com

------ - The new optional parameter "depth" has been added to svn_checkout(). along with new constancts SVN_DEPTH_* - by Chung, Hyung-Hwan

------ - Add missing constant SVN_IGNORE_EXTERNALS
- patch by Chung, Hyung-Hwan
------ - add support for svn_propset and svn_prop_delete
- patch by Chung, Hyung-Hwan
------ - add svn_revprop_(get|set|delete)
- patch by Chung, Hyung-Hwan
------ - add svn_fs_txn_prop and svn_fs_open_txn, fix segfault in svn_fs_revision_prop
- patch by Chung, Hyung-Hwan
------ - Fixes to svn_cat / svn_fs_apply_text - solves memory leak
- patch by Chung, Hyung-Hwan
------ - Added check for possible NULL message
1.0.2 Minor bug fix / feature release

#60583 - compile failing due to missing definition of svn_version_t in newer releases of libsvn
#59976 (svn build fails on PHP5.4)
#15505 - warning on errors
------ support for peg revisions in checkout, ls, log, blame, info, proplist, propget
extra error checks in checkout - thanks to Hyung-Hwan Chung
#22758 - support specifying revision in svn_copy (he dot chen at zte dot com dot cn)
#23649 - allow deletion of properties by using NULL as value (patch by Jonas Zeiger)
#22754 - add support for svn_delete
#22100 - segfault on shutdown when using multiple repositories - patch by jimmy at velsoft
1.0.1 Minor bug fix release

#18513 - svn_info( working_copy, false, SVN_REVISION_UNSPECIFIED ) gives you a svn_info on the local copy
#20440 - svn_mkdir on working copy log message is optional
1.0.0 Bumped release to stable, as not much is really changing and the API is pretty steady.

(svn_ls, svn_info, svn_update, svn_export) (Chung, Hyung-Hwan)
- not handling utf8 failure (Chung, Hyung-Hwan)
(svn_update, svn_export, svn_repos_create, svn_commit, svn_add, svn_status, svn_blame)
- using a wrong type for the 'l' parameter that can cause a problem on architectures where
sizeof(int) != sizeof(long) - ( svn_info, svn_ls ) (Chung, Hyung-Hwan)
- multiple utf8 check fixes - (Chung, Hyung-Hwan)
- add revision parameter to svn_propget and svn_proplist, do utf8 checks (Chung, Hyung-Hwan)
- fix bug #17080 - svn_mkdir requires log message, also added utf8 checks (Ivan P)
- req #14360 - support svn_export with revisions (lostoutfrog)
- php 5.3.0 TSRMLS_CC additions (Thomas Krause)
- update package xml to v2 (Pierre Joye)
0.5.1 fix for libsvn 1.6.2
0.5.0 - Add svn_lock()/svn_unlock()
- Add svn_config_ensure() for setting up a .svn storage directory
- Disable password storing unless a password is explicitly set
- Allow svn_auth_set_parameter() to unset an option with NULL
- svn_blame() returned -1 for a revision number
- Fix segfault caused by using an already destroyed pool
- Fix segfault when certain data types aren't returned from a commit
- Add check on module load that the APR version matches.
- Fix fatal error when the location of the HOME enviromental variable can't be read
0.4.1 - Add recurse option to svn_ls()
- Change array keys returned from svn_ls() to be filename
- Potential BC break with some lower case constants, these are now uppercase.
0.4 - Fix bug #13414 - Crash when SVN environment fails to initialise.
- Fix bug #13677,#13162 - Several functions fail to canonicalized resulting in an abort() call.
- Revert change that prevented libsvn 1.3 from being used.
- Add check during configure for minimum libsvn version.
- Add support for svn_delete(), svn_mkdir(), svn_move(), svn_proplist() and svn_propget().
- Allow svn_commit() to take a string instead of an array for paths.
- Revert backwards compatible break with svn_log()
0.3 Backward Compatibilty Breaks:
Minimum subversion version is 1.4.
svn_status call arguments have changed - it now uses Flags.

New Constants:



All constants are also available as Svn::REVISON_HEAD.

Win32 Compatibility:
Most functions have been fixed to work with Win32 paths.

- Fix bug #11153 - svn diff uses utf8 paths
- Fix bug #11157 - missing constants needed for svn_status
- Rewrite configure script to find APR and its compile flags
- Add support for svn_info() - patch by Marco Tabini
- Add support for svn_export() - patch by Scott MacVicar
- Add support for svn_copy() and svn_switch() - patch by Conny Dahlgren
- Add support for svn_blame() / svn_revert() - patch by Jerome Renard
- Add support for limiting results with svn_log() - patch by Edward Z. Yang
- Add support for limiting svn_checkout() - patch by Devlar
- Add constants for use as parameters to svn_cat() - patch by Devlar
- Add an OO interface to the extension - patch by Devlar
0.2 - Compiles on Win32 + Netware (Thanks to Guenter Knauf)
- dependancy on svn-config removed (as recommended by Subversion developers)
- Pretty complete implementation.

#6893 - correct types for strict compilers
Known issues:
There are bug reports about commit / checkout functionality. Any help
reproducing and fixing these is welcome.
0.1 - First working release (works ok here!)


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