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Changelog for statgrab
Release What has changed?
0.6.0 1) Added support for sg_get_fs_stats()

0.5.0 1) Allow compilation against libstatgrab 0.12
2) Fixed compilation on FreeBSD systems
3) Unflip network stats and incremental network stats
4) Fixed a few spelling mistakes

0.4 1) Fixed config.m4, which caused the statgrab library not to be detected
on some systems.
0.3 1) Make statgrab extension work with libstatgrab 0.10 (now required).
2) Change function prefixes to sg_ from statg_.
3) Renamed sg_process_stats() to sg_process_count().
4) Added sg_process_stats() that can now return detailed information about
all currently running processes.
0.2 Updated interface with new functionality avaliable in libstatgrab 0.9
(old versions of libstatgrab are still supported).
Added statg_network_iface_stats() function to get interface information.
Added additional information to network functions.
0.1 Initial release


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