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Changelog for runkit
Release What has changed?
0.9 Allow building part of runkit while leaving other functionality out.
--enable-runkit works as before, building all runkit features
Individual features may enabled or disable by using
--enable-runkit-featurename or --disbale-runkit-featurename
where featurename is any of:
modify - Runtime manipulation
super - Superglobal registration
sandbox - Sandboxing

Ex: ./configure --enable-runkit --disable-runkit-modify
Enable superglobal registration and sandbox support,
but disable runtime manipulation.

./configure --disable-runkit --enable-runkit-sandbox
Enable only sandboxing support.

This release also:
- Fixes PHP4 (ZE1) compilation
- Closes a potential crash-bug in runkit_import()
handling of default properties
- Resolves an output buffering bug in Runkit_Sandbox
- Resolves Runkit_Sandbox failure when superglobals are defined
0.8.1 Added source file runkit_props.c to package
0.8 Fixed SAPI handlers for genuinely threaded webservers (e.g. apache2-worker)
Fixed internal pointer corruption in function/class popping
Added functions:
Implemented class property importing in runkit_import()
Began refactor for PHP6 compatability
0.7 Primarily bugfix release, only new functionality is expanded parent_scope setting.

Workaround bug when using runkit_import() with opcode caches by bypassing cache for imported file.
Fix using runkit_import() with multiple classes (Thanks to Stuart Herbert for the patch)
Fix various reference issues for parameters passed to manipulation functions.
Fix C++ compatability in sandbox source files.
Fix parent_scope support (was only applied to property_read and eval/include/require ops)
Expand parent_scope setting to allow variable arrays as symbol tables.


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