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Changelog for libsodium
Release What has changed?
2.0.4 Requires at least php 7.0 and libsodium 1.0.9.
2.0.3 Requires at least php 7.0 and libsodium 1.0.9.
2.0.2 Version 2.0.0 couldn't be compiled on old libsodium versions.

This has been fixed.
2.0.1 Version 2.0.0 couldn't be compiled on old libsodium versions.

This has been fixed.
2.0.0 This is a major release, featuring a new API identical to the one of sodium extension included with PHP 7.2.

Functions are now in the global namespace, and return exceptions.

Note that PHP 5 is not supported any more.

Support for the key exchange API (crypto_kx), key derivation (crypto_kdf) and
for the xchacha20-poly1305 construction have been added.

Many bugs have been squashed.
1.0.6 - The PWHASH_MEMLIMIT_{MODERATE,SENSITIVE} constants are correctly defined
1.0.5 - The IETF variant of the ChaCha20-Poly1305 construction has been added
1.0.4 - Fixed compatibility with old libsodium versions
1.0.3 - The Argon2 function is now available for password hashing
1.0.2 - Compatibility with old distros and old versions of libsodium
1.0.1 - Added crypto_aead_aes256gcm_*()
- Added crypto_box_seed_keypair()
- Added crypto_sign_ed25519_sk_to_curve25519() and crypto_sign_ed25519_pk_to_curve25519()
- Added compare()
- On PHP7, make memzero() and increment() avoid zeroing an object if it is not a reference or if its reference count is > 1
1.0.0 - The extension can now be statically compiled.
- crypto_sign_publickey_from_secretkey(), and crypto_auth() have been added.
- The extension and its API are now marked stable.
0.2.1 - Fixed support for old versions of libsodium
- New helper function: increment()
0.2.0 - Methods were moved to functions in a \Sodium\ namespace.
- PHP 7 is now fully supported.
- crypto_aead_chacha20poly1305_decrypt() now returns FALSE instead of a PHP error if verification fails.
- multi-part hashing was implemented (crypto_generichash_{init|update|final})
- sealed boxes have been implemented (crypto_seal)
0.1.3 crypto_scalarmult() has been added.
0.1.2 Initial release
0.1.1 Initial release


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