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Changelog for APM
Release What has changed?
2.0.0alpha1 Changed:
- Deep refactoring:
- New DB schema
- No more native functions, retrieval of data is directly made in PHP
1.1.0RC2 Changed:
- upgraded UI by using tweeter boostrap and upgrading jqGrid
1.1.0RC1 Added:
- --with-debugfile[=FILE] option to permit debugging of APM

- Lazy loading the connection to the SQLite database

- Ordering by URL not working
- Decouple mysql backend from sqlite3 (#62288)
- Invalid UTF-8 may cause backtrace to be truncated in MySQL driver (#62244)
1.1.0beta4 Added:
- Referer

- Storing all ts in SQLite as integers

- Bug #62187: The MySQL driver does not store a timestamp for an event (Thanks to mathieu at mollie dot nl, HMWiesinger at gmx dot at).
- Bug #62012: No data collected
- Missing post_vars column definition in SQL creation scripts.
1.1.0beta3 Fixed:
- Possible memory not being freed
- Segmentation fault preventing the collection of data (#62012)
1.1.0beta2 Fixed:
- Version 1.1.0beta* should be marked as "beta" and not as "stable"
- APM-1.1.0beta1.tgz file contains only package.xml (#61937)
- Some GCC warnings when built with PHP 5.4
- Error callback arguments must be copied in every cases
- Prevent calling the original error handler if Xdebug is loaded
- Possible segfault if MySQL server connection link is gone
1.1.0beta1 Added:
- New information stored: IP, host, POST data, cookies
- Configuration to limit the depth when dumping variables (apm.dump_max_depth)

- JSON flag for apm_get_*_events and apm_get_*_slow_requests

- Some UI refactoring
- Minor optimizations

- Installation failing because of config file being named "config.php"
pecl/pear installer issue?
- Some compilation warnings
- Deffered mode taking only the *mysql* error_reporting into account
- APM not correctly linking to libmysqlclient
- Possible buffer overflows
- Compilation issues related to timelib with PHP >= 5.3.9
1.0.1 Changed:
- Base install dir for web files, now in php/PECL/APM

- Bug #60276 pecl install fail installing APM
1.0.0 This is the initial stable release of APM.

- Script filename could possibly not be filled in case of slow request.
1.0.0beta3 Added:
- MySQL driver
- Per driver error reporting level
- Asynchronous processing of events (config option: apm.deffered_processing)

- Code refactored to make use of 'APM drivers'

- APM cannot be compiled with PHP < 5.2.2.
- Bug #17502: Drivers' rshutdown run only when slow_request tracking is enabled.
- Bug #17512: Sqlite connections aren't closed at the end of the request.
- Bug #17513: Using MySQL driver, only events of the first incoming request are stored.
- Bug #19421: apm.*_error_reporting is ignored.
1.0.0beta2 - Initial release
1.0.0beta1 - Initial release


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