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Publishing in PECL

A few reasons why you might apply for a PECL account:

  • You have written a PHP extension and would like it listed within the PECL directory
  • You would like to use php.net for version control and hosting
  • You would like to help maintain a current PECL extension

You do not need an account if you want to download, install and/or use PECL packages.

Before filling out this form, you must write the public pecl-dev@lists.php.net mailing list and:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Introduce your new extension or the extension you would like to help maintain
  • Link to the code, if applicable

Also, here is a list of suggestions:

  • We strongly encourage contributors to choose the PHP License 3.01 for their extensions, in order to avoid possible troubles for end-users of the extension. Other solid options are BSD and Apache type licenses.
  • We strongly encourage you to use the PHP Coding Standards for your code, as it will help the QA team (and others) help maintain the extension.
  • We strongly encourage you to commit documentation for the extension, as it will make the extension more visible (in the official PHP manual) and also teach users how to use it. See the PECL Docs Howto for more information. Submitted documentation will always be under the Creative Commons Attribution License.
  • Note: wrappers for GPL (all versions) or LGPLv3 libraries will not be accepted. Wrappers for libraries licensed under LGPLv2 are however allowed while being discouraged.
  • Note: Wrappers for libraries with license fees or closed sources libraries without licenses fees are allowed.

And after submitting the form:

  • If approved, you will also need to apply for a php.net account in order to commit the code to the php.net SVN repository. Select 'PECL Group' within that form when applying.

Please confirm the reason for this PECL account request:

Request a PECL account
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