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Top Level :: Database :: redis :: 5.3.1 :: Windows

redis 5.3.1 for Windows

Package Information
Summary PHP extension for interfacing with Redis
Maintainers Nicolas Favre-Felix (lead) [details]
Michael Grunder < michael dot grunder at gmail dot com > (lead) [details]
Pavlo Yatsukhnenko (lead) [details]
License PHP
Description This extension provides an API for communicating with Redis servers.
Homepage https://github.com/phpredis/phpredis/
Release notes
Version 5.3.1
phpredis 5.3.1

This is a small bugfix release that fixes a couple of issues in 5.3.0.

You should upgrade if you're using persistent_id in session.save_path or
of if you're having trouble building 5.3.0 because the php_hash_bin2hex
symbol is missing.

You can find a detailed list of changes in Changelog.md and package.xml

* Sponsors
~ Audiomack - https://audiomack.com
~ BlueHost - https://bluehost.com
~ Redis Cache Pro for WordPress - https://wprediscache.com
~ Avtandil Kikabidze - https://github.com/akalongman

* Properly clean up on session start failure [066cff6a] (Michael Grunder)
* Treat NULL as a failure for redis_extract_auth_info [49428a2f, 14ac969d]
(Michael Grunder)
* Don't dereference a NULL zend_string or efree one [ff2e160f, 7fed06f2]
(Michael Grunder)
* Fix config.m4 messages and test for and include php_hash.h [83a1b7c5,
3c56289c, 08f202e7] (Remi Collet)
* Add openSUSE installation instructions [13a168f4] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
* Remove EOL Fedora installation instructions [b4779e6a] (Remi Collet)
DLL List
PHP 7.4 7.4 Non Thread Safe (NTS) x64
7.4 Thread Safe (TS) x64
7.4 Non Thread Safe (NTS) x86
7.4 Thread Safe (TS) x86
PHP 7.3 7.3 Non Thread Safe (NTS) x64
7.3 Thread Safe (TS) x64
7.3 Non Thread Safe (NTS) x86
7.3 Thread Safe (TS) x86
PHP 7.2 7.2 Non Thread Safe (NTS) x64
7.2 Thread Safe (TS) x64
7.2 Non Thread Safe (NTS) x86
7.2 Thread Safe (TS) x86

In case of missing DLLs, consider to contact the PHP for Windows Team.

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