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redis 5.3.0 for Windows

Package Information
Summary PHP extension for interfacing with Redis
Maintainers Nicolas Favre-Felix (lead) [details]
Michael Grunder < michael dot grunder at gmail dot com > (lead) [details]
Pavlo Yatsukhnenko (lead) [details]
License PHP
Description This extension provides an API for communicating with Redis servers.
Homepage https://github.com/phpredis/phpredis/
Release notes
Version 5.3.0
phpredis 5.3.0

This release contains initial support for Redis 6 ACLs, LZ4 compression,
and many more fixes and improvements.

You can find a detailed list of changes in Changelog.md and package.xml

A special thanks to BlueHost for sponsoring ACL support \o/

* Sponsors
~ Audiomack - https://audiomack.com
~ BlueHost - https://bluehost.com
~ Redis Cache Pro for WordPress - https://wprediscache.com
~ Avtandil Kikabidze - https://github.com/akalongman

phpredis 5.3.0

- There were no changes between 5.3.0RC2 and 5.3.0.


phpredis 5.3.0RC2


* Fix LZ4 configuration and use pkg-config if we have it [df398cb0]
(Remi Collet)
* Make sure persistent pool ID is NULL terminated [0838b5bd, 57bb95bf]
(Michael Grunder)
* Run LZ4 tests in Travis [3ba3f06d] (Michael Grunder)

phpredis 5.3.0RC1


* Support for Redis 6 ACLs [a311cc4e] (Michael Grunder)
* LZ4 Compression [04def9fb] (Ilia Alshanetsky)
* Support for new Redis 6 arguments (XINFO FULL, SET KEEPTTL) [a0c53e0b,
f9c7bb57] (Michael Grunder, Victor Kislov)
* Support for TLS connections [890ee0e6, b0671296] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
* New option Redis::SCAN_PREFIX, Redis::SCAN_NOPREFIX [e80600e2] (Pavlo
* Configurable unit test authentication arguments [e37f38a3, 201a9759]
(Pavlo Yatsukhnenko, Michael Grunder)
* Improved cluster slot caching mechanism to fix a couple of bugs and make
it more efficient. [5ca4141c] (Michael Grunder)
* Stop calling Redis constructor when creating a RedisArray [e41e19a8]
(Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
* Use ZEND_LONG_FMT instead of system `long` [5bf88124] (Michael Grunder)
* Use long for SCAN iteration to fix potential overflow [f13f9b7c]
(Victor Kislov)
* Fix config.m4 to test for the variable $PHP_REDIS_JSON and not the
literal PHP_REDIS_JSON [20a3dc72] (Mizuki Nakano)
* Fix compiler warnings [b9b383f4, 215828e] (Remi Collet),
Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
* Avoid use-after-free of RediSock [8c45816d] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
* Fixed ZADD arginfo [a8e2b021] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
* Store AUTH information in flags RedisSock rather than duplicating
information. [58dab564] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
* Refactor redis_sock_get_connection_pool logic. [73212e1]
(Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
* Updated documentation to show LPUSH and RPUSH are variadic and fixed DEL
documentation. [92f8dde1] (Michael Grunder)
* Authenticate in redis_server_sock_open [4ef465b5] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
* Dynamically include json.so in unit tests based on configuration
[0ce7ca2f] (Michael Grunder)
* Update save_path logic in Redis Cluster session unit tests [dd66fce]
(Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
* Refactoring various bits of logic [bbcf32a3, a42cf189, 460c8f29,
b7f9df75] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
* Use the portable `ZEND_LONG_FORMAT` family instead of C format specifiers
[b9b383f4](Remi Collet)
* PHP 8 compatibility [9ee94ca4, 7e4c7b3e] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
* Refactor PHPREDIS_GET_OBJECT macro [d5dadaf6, 190c0d34]
(Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
* Fix documentation showing lPush and rPush are variadic [6808cd6a]
(Michael Grunder)
DLL List
PHP 7.4 7.4 Non Thread Safe (NTS) x64
7.4 Thread Safe (TS) x64
7.4 Non Thread Safe (NTS) x86
7.4 Thread Safe (TS) x86
PHP 7.3 7.3 Non Thread Safe (NTS) x64
7.3 Thread Safe (TS) x64
7.3 Non Thread Safe (NTS) x86
7.3 Thread Safe (TS) x86
PHP 7.2 7.2 Non Thread Safe (NTS) x64
7.2 Thread Safe (TS) x64
7.2 Non Thread Safe (NTS) x86
7.2 Thread Safe (TS) x86

In case of missing DLLs, consider to contact the PHP for Windows Team.

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