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Top Level :: Database :: mongodb :: 1.11.0alpha1 :: Windows

mongodb 1.11.0alpha1 for Windows

Package Information
Summary MongoDB driver for PHP
Maintainers Jeremy Mikola (lead) [details]
Katherine Walker (developer) [details]
Andreas Braun (lead) [details]
Derick Rethans (lead) [inactive] [wishlist] [details]
Hannes Magnusson (lead) [inactive] [details]
License Apache License
Description The purpose of this driver is to provide exceptionally thin glue between MongoDB
and PHP, implementing only fundamental and performance-critical components
necessary to build a fully-functional MongoDB driver.
Homepage https://www.mongodb.com/docs/drivers/php-drivers/
Release notes
Version 1.11.0alpha1
** New Feature
* [PHPC-1849] - Handle deprecation of Serializable in PHP 8.1
* [PHPC-1889] - Support snapshot session option
* [PHPC-1890] - Create constant for snapshot read concern level

** Task
* [PHPC-1918] - BSON corpus code and symbol tests are partially testing the wrong types
* [PHPC-1930] - Removed disabled __wakeup() function in CursorId
* [PHPC-1935] - Add .dep files to .gitignore
* [PHPC-1961] - Regex decoding error tests in top.json have unexpected, invalid syntax
* [PHPC-1965] - Re-enable and stabilise PHP 8.1 build on GitHub actions

** Improvement
* [PHPC-1538] - Lift restriction on authSource without credentials
* [PHPC-1858] - Add return type to arginfo for JsonSerializable::jsonSerialize() in PHP 8.1
* [PHPC-1875] - Disable writes on snapshot sessions
* [PHPC-1876] - Raise client error for snapshot sessions on pre-5.0 servers
* [PHPC-1933] - Add return type to arginfo for Iterator and Countable methods in PHP 8.1
DLL List
PHP 8.0 8.0 Non Thread Safe (NTS) x64
8.0 Thread Safe (TS) x64
8.0 Non Thread Safe (NTS) x86
8.0 Thread Safe (TS) x86
PHP 7.4 7.4 Non Thread Safe (NTS) x64
7.4 Thread Safe (TS) x64
7.4 Non Thread Safe (NTS) x86
7.4 Thread Safe (TS) x86
PHP 7.3 7.3 Non Thread Safe (NTS) x64
7.3 Thread Safe (TS) x64
7.3 Non Thread Safe (NTS) x86
7.3 Thread Safe (TS) x86

In case of missing DLLs, consider to contact the Windows Internals List (subscribe first).

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