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This package is not maintained anymore and has been superseded. Package has moved to channel http://php.net/manual/en/book.intl.php, package .
Package Information
Summary Internationalization extension
Maintainers Stanislav Malyshev <stas@php.net> (lead) [details]
Kirti Velankar (developer) [details]
Gustavo Lopes <cataphract@php.net> (lead) [details]
License PHP License
Description pecl/intl is not mainained anymore. Use the version bundled with PHP.

The Internationalization extension exposes functionality of the ICU library to PHP.

This extension has been bundled with PHP since version 5.3. This PECL version backports improvements made in the development version of PHP to PHP 5.2-5.4.
Version 3.0 is in sync with PHP 5.5.
Homepage http://www.icu-project.org/

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Available Releases
Version State Release Date Downloads  
3.0.0 stable 2013-06-02 intl-3.0.0.tgz (242.4kB) [Changelog]
3.0.0b1 beta 2012-12-26 intl-3.0.0b1.tgz (241.0kB) [Changelog]
3.0.0a2 alpha 2012-07-24 intl-3.0.0a2.tgz (226.7kB) [Changelog]
2.0.1 stable 2012-07-24 intl-2.0.1.tgz (145.9kB) [Changelog]
3.0.0a1 alpha 2012-04-07 intl-3.0.0a1.tgz (184.9kB) [Changelog]
2.0.0 stable 2012-04-07 intl-2.0.0.tgz (142.6kB) [Changelog]
2.0.0b1 beta 2011-11-29 intl-2.0.0b1.tgz (139.6kB) [Changelog]
1.1.2 stable 2010-11-19 intl-1.1.2.tgz (139.2kB) [Changelog]
1.1.1 stable 2010-03-15 intl-1.1.1.tgz (138.9kB) [Changelog]
1.1.0 stable 2010-01-08 intl-1.1.0.tgz (138.9kB) [Changelog]
1.0.3 stable 2009-10-26 intl-1.0.3.tgz (130.8kB) [Changelog]
1.0.2 stable 2009-04-09 intl-1.0.2.tgz (129.8kB) [Changelog]
1.0.1 stable 2008-09-12 intl-1.0.1.tgz (128.5kB) [Changelog]
1.0.0 stable 2008-06-27 intl-1.0.0.tgz (127.3kB) [Changelog]
1.0.0RC1 stable 2008-05-27 intl-1.0.0RC1.tgz (127.4kB) [Changelog]
1.0.0beta beta 2007-12-06 intl-1.0.0beta.tgz (94.4kB) [Changelog]

Release 3.0.0: PHP Version: PHP 5.2.4 or newer
PEAR Package: PEAR 1.4.8 or newer
Release 3.0.0b1: PHP Version: PHP 5.2.4 or newer
PEAR Package: PEAR 1.4.8 or newer
Release 3.0.0a2: PHP Version: PHP 5.2.4 or newer
PEAR Package: PEAR 1.4.8 or newer
Dependencies for older releases can be found on the release overview page.
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