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Top Level :: Math :: geospatial


Package Information
Summary PHP Extension to handle common geospatial functions
Maintainers Derick Rethans < derick at php dot net > (lead) [wishlist] [details]
Michael Maclean < mgdm at php dot net > (lead) [details]
License PHP 3.01
Description The extension currently has implementations of the Haversine and
Vincenty's formulas for calculating distances, an initial bearing calculation
function, a Helmert transformation function to transfer between different
supported datums, conversions between polar and Cartesian coordinates,
conversions between Degree/Minute/Seconds and decimal degrees, a method to
simplify linear geometries, as well as a method to calculate intermediate
points on a LineString.

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Available Releases
Version State Release Date Downloads  
0.3.2 beta 2022-08-11 geospatial-0.3.2.tgz (12.2kB)  DLL [ Changelog ]
0.3.1 beta 2021-01-28 geospatial-0.3.1.tgz (12.2kB)  DLL [ Changelog ]
0.2.1 beta 2019-01-08 geospatial-0.2.1.tgz (12.3kB)  DLL [ Changelog ]
0.2.0 beta 2017-12-29 geospatial-0.2.0.tgz (12.3kB)  DLL [ Changelog ]
0.1.0 beta 2015-12-04 geospatial-0.1.0.tgz (10.7kB)  DLL [ Changelog ]

Release 0.3.2: PHP Version: PHP 7.0.0 or newer
PEAR Package: PEAR 1.4.0b1 or newer
Release 0.3.1: PHP Version: PHP 7.0.0 or newer
PEAR Package: PEAR 1.4.0b1 or newer
Release 0.2.1: PHP Version: PHP 5.4.0 or newer
PEAR Package: PEAR 1.4.0b1 or newer
Dependencies for older releases can be found on the release overview page.
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