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Package Information
Summary Cross-platform widget toolkit.
Maintainers Jefferson Gonzalez (lead) [details]
M?rio Soares (lead) [details]
License PHP
Description Wraps the wxWidgets library, which allows to write
multi-platform desktop applications that make use of the native
graphical components available to the different platforms.
Homepage http://wxphp.org/
Release notes
* Updated the thread.php example to work properly.
* Remove delete on the wxThread garbage collector function, which
should fix most issues on #84.
* Modified wxWindow::GetHandle to return the XWindowID on Gtk which
should really fix #86.
* Enabled wxWindow::GetHandle by casting WXWidget to size_t.
* Enabled wxOutputStream::Write and wxInputStream::Read variations
that take a 'void* buf' as argument which should fix issue #87
* Updated version numbers and added userland version constants:
* Added --with-wxwidgets-version to package.xml so 'pecl install
wxwidgets' can ask for a different version of wxWidgets library to
download and compile.
* Set the default wxWidgets version to download and compile on linux
and mac to 3.0.2. Also added a new configure option
--with-wxwidgets-version to explicitly change the version of
wxWidgets to download, eg: --with-wxwidgets-version=3.0.1
* Forgot to conditionally fetch tsrm on wxAppWrapper.
* Fetch TSRM on wxAppWrapper which probably fixes issue #70
* Unmodified copy of wxImage::GetData to zval which fixes #75.
* Own the data parameter on wxImage SetData to really fix issue #75.
* Custom templates for wxImage GetData and SetData which fix
and close #75.
* Updating location of Mac OS X SDK in docs (chrisnharvey).
* Updating docs for building on Mac OS X (chrisnharvey)
* Updating link to heading
* Updating macosx-version-min to 10.9
* Added sdl, sdl_sound as dependencies on archlinux PKGBUILD.
* Updated config.m4 to require sdl and sdl_sound on linux which
fixes #2.
* Removed some testing printf code.
* Added some wxApp methods.
* Fix to correctly brake search for wx-config when first found in
config.m4 file.
* Added wxPHP shell script in /usr/bin/wxphp.
* Added some wxApp methods.
* Automated Mac OSX detection which should fix #94.
* Simplified README.md and added building steps into INSTALL.md.
* Removed trace of debugging code.
* Merge child class method overrides that differ into parent methods
which should fix #97.
* Added drag and drop example.
* Disabled pointer deletion for wxDropTarget and child classes
to fix segmentation fault which fixes #98.

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