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Package Information
Summary Cross-platform widget toolkit.
Maintainers Jefferson Gonzalez (lead) [details]
M?rio Soares (lead) [details]
License PHP
Description Wraps the wxWidgets library, which allows to write
multi-platform desktop applications that make use of the native
graphical components available to the different platforms.
Homepage http://wxphp.org/
Release notes
* Added missing wxScrolledWindow methods by enabling wxScrolled,
this fixes issue #30 and #32.
* Enabled wxClipBoard::Get() and disabled gargbage collection of
native_object on wxDataObject and its childs as wxClipBoard itself,
which partially fixes issue #34.
* Added verification of object parameter child types to allow method
calls which where failing as described on issue #36. This also
completely fixes issue #34, testing may be needed.
* Updated README_MSW adding changes needed to prevent windows xp
crashes as described on issue #37.
* Enabled wxNonOwnedWindow::SetShape and fixed wxPrintDialog,
wxPageSetupDialog inheritage.
* Removed error messages that appeared when failing to call
wxApp::OnInit and wxApp:OnExit.
* Added proper type casting to wxMouseState.
* Should fix and close #44 by doing proper type casting when calling
wxKeyboarState methods from child classes.
* Binded the missing wxAuiNotebookEvent event constants which closes #45.
* Enabled more wxStyledTextCtrl methods.
* Enabled inheritance of wxStyledTextCtrl from wxTextEntry as
enabled some more methods.
* Some fixes to the reference and interface generator as
simplification of chdir() calls.
* Initial work to support wxInputStream::OnSysRead in order to be
able to load images with the wxImage(wxInputStream) constructor.
* Fixed 2 memory leaks, one related to wxEvtHandler::OnEvent and the
other related to the creation of new objects.
* Fixed memory leak caused by not uninitializing the properties
member of classes like wxPoint when they were destroyed which
closes #48, also modified code generator to only add the properties
code when needed which made the source and library more clean.

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