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Top Level :: Tools and Utilities :: skywalking_agent :: 0.6.0

skywalking_agent 0.6.0

Package Information
Summary Apache SkyWalking PHP Agent.
Maintainers Yanlong He < hey dot yanlong at gmail dot com > (developer) [details]
Apache SkyWalking < dev at skywalking dot apache dot org > (lead) [details]
Jiemin Xia < jmjoy at apache dot org > (developer) [details]
License Apache-2.0
Description The PHP Agent for Apache SkyWalking, which provides the native tracing abilities for PHP project.
Homepage https://skywalking.apache.org/
Release notes
Version 0.6.0
## What's Changed
* Polish doc about Swoole by @wu-sheng in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/73
* Start 0.6.0 development. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/74
* Fix hook for Doctrine PDO class by @matikij in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/76
* Log Exception in tracing span when throw. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/75
* Upgrade dependencies and adapt. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/77
* Fix required rust version and add runing php-fpm notice in docs. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/78
* Bump openssl from 0.10.48 to 0.10.55 by @dependabot in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/79
* Fix the situation where the redis port is string. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/80
* Optionally enable zend observer api for auto instrumentation. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/81
* Fix the empty span situation in redis after hook. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/82
* Add mongodb pluhgin. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/83
* Update rust nightly toolchain in CI and format. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/84
* Add notice document for `skywalking_agent.enable`. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/85
* Upgrade dependencies. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/86
* Fix docs by @heyanlong in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/87
* Add kafka reporter. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/88
* Release SkyWalking PHP Agent 0.6.0 by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/89

## New Contributors
* @matikij made their first contribution in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/76

**Full Changelog**: https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/compare/v0.5.0...v0.6.0

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