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Top Level :: Tools and Utilities :: skywalking_agent :: 0.5.0

skywalking_agent 0.5.0

Package Information
Summary Apache SkyWalking PHP Agent.
Maintainers Yanlong He < hey dot yanlong at gmail dot com > (developer) [details]
Apache SkyWalking < dev at skywalking dot apache dot org > (lead) [details]
Jiemin Xia < jmjoy at apache dot org > (developer) [details]
License Apache-2.0
Description The PHP Agent for Apache SkyWalking, which provides the native tracing abilities for PHP project.
Homepage https://skywalking.apache.org/
Release notes
Version 0.5.0
## What's Changed
* Bump openssl from 0.10.45 to 0.10.48 by @dependabot in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/60
* Make the `SKYWALKING_AGENT_ENABLE` work in the request hook as well. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/61
* Support tracing `curl_multi_*` api. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/62
* Fix parent endpoint and peer in segment ref and tag url in entry span. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/63
* Bump h2 from 0.3.15 to 0.3.17 by @dependabot in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/65
* Add amqplib plugin for producer. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/64
* Upgrade and adapt phper. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/66
* Refactor script create_package_xml. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/67
* Refactor predis plugin to hook Client. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/68
* Canonicalize unknown. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/69
* Bump guzzlehttp/psr7 from 2.4.0 to 2.5.0 in /tests/php by @dependabot in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/70
* Enhance support for Swoole. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/71
* Bump to 0.5.0. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/72

**Full Changelog**: https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/compare/v0.4.0...v0.5.0

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