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mongo 1.3.0RC1

This package is not maintained anymore and has been superseded.
Package Information
Summary MongoDB database driver
Maintainers Jeremy Mikola (lead) [details]
Derick Rethans < derick at php dot net > (lead) [wishlist] [details]
Hannes Magnusson < bjori at php dot net > (lead) [details]
License Apache License
Description This package provides an interface for communicating with the MongoDB database in PHP.
Homepage http://docs.mongodb.org/ecosystem/drivers/php/
Release notes
Version 1.3.0RC1
This is the first release candidate of the 1.3 series. The 1.3 series are
a major improvement with a completely rewritten connection handling backend. It has been
rewritten to form a new improved framework for handling connections. On top of
this new framework, new functionality is also implemented to provide read
preference support that comes with MongoDB 2.2. The new framework no longer has
the concept of a connection pool, but instead make sure there is only one
connect per node/db/username.

New major features in this release to support the MongoDB 2.2 release:

- Support for the aggregation framework through the aggregate() helper.
- Support for read preferences and read preference tags (See:
- Support for connections to multiple mongos nodes.

The whole list of resolved tickets (since 1.3.0beta2) follows:

** Bug
* [PHP-202] - Too many open files
* [PHP-285] - Cursor not found sometimes when slaveOkay in replica set
* [PHP-315] - Random "unauthorized db" messages
* [PHP-321] - Lazy loading of connections doesn't work with Replica Sets
* [PHP-347] - MongoPool not working as expected when using php-fpm / cgi - a pool seems to be created per each child process
* [PHP-350] - couldn't send query:
* [PHP-364] - Stale connection in connection pool after restarting MongoDB server
* [PHP-373] - Overriding batchInsert
* [PHP-411] - Mongo says it is connected.. when it isn't. (when connecting to replicaset)
* [PHP-424] - cannot determine master when slave(s) are down
* [PHP-426] - Connection pool not paying attention to authentication when using replicaSet=true
* [PHP-464] - Re-implement ->connected
* [PHP-468] - Undefined behavior calling MongoGridFSFile::write() without a filename
* [PHP-471] - Update documentation for MongoGridFSCursor::key() returning ObjectId instead of filename
* [PHP-480] - Throw an error when not all members of the seed lists are in the same replicaset
* [PHP-481] - setSlaveOkay / read preferences don't set slaveOkay flag correctly.
* [PHP-482] - Aggregate() method leaks
* [PHP-484] - Authenticating against normal db doesn't work
* [PHP-485] - Update (and other methods) in safemode crash under certain conditions.
* [PHP-486] - GridFS cleanup routines remove existing files
* [PHP-487] - Connect to replicaset member in standalone mode
* [PHP-488] - GridFS failures no longer throw MongoGridFSException
* [PHP-489] - is_master() crashes for standalone servers
* [PHP-499] - Re-order changelogs in documentation
* [PHP-500] - MongoCollection insert, update and remove no longer return booleans
* [PHP-502] - w can pick up garbage memory
* [PHP-504] - Build error on FreeBSD (missing sys/socket.h)
* [PHP-507] - Chunks are not removed completely when using the justOne option with MongoGridFS::remove
* [PHP-510] - Memory leak in GridFS
* [PHP-511] - Setting slaveOkay on MongoDB doesn't get passed properly to MongoCollection
* [PHP-512] - RS handover is not handled correctly
* [PHP-515] - Re-implement ->close()
* [PHP-518] - Segmentation Fault with php-1.2.12
* [PHP-521] - Build failures with PHP 5.2 and 5.4.
* [PHP-528] - MongoLog::getCallback() segfaults if no callback was set.
* [PHP-533] - Callback map for destroying cursors
* [PHP-548] - Make the w property support string

** Improvement
* [PHP-176] - Ability to choose which slaves to (not) read from
* [PHP-218] - Add driver standard connection URI options
* [PHP-292] - Mention MongoPool::setSize makes connection creation block if no connections available
* [PHP-298] - Support safe write default through the connection string
* [PHP-459] - MongoCollection::update doc should have a note about bug #PHP-50
* [PHP-492] - Implement a method to return all opened connections
* [PHP-501] - Add Unix domain socket support back into the driver
* [PHP-516] - Document sparse and expireAfterSeconds index options
* [PHP-522] - Support w, and wtimeout in connection string
* [PHP-526] - Create new exception to be thrown for runtime errors in command helpers
* [PHP-532] - Return full result document from command wrappers

** Question
* [PHP-271] - MongoCursorException - Couldn't get response header
* [PHP-274] - Connection pooling a replica shutdon

** Task
* [PHP-412] - Connecting to replicaset with authentication without providing any credentials..
* [PHP-414] - Revise MongoLog documentation
* [PHP-460] - Add docs mention of connecting to a sharded cluster / mongos
* [PHP-476] - Add documentation for the Aggregate Framework
* [PHP-477] - Add documentation for read preferences
* [PHP-478] - Compile and test on Windows
* [PHP-479] - Fix all compiler warnings
* [PHP-493] - Make aggregate to return the full command document, and not just the "result" field.
* [PHP-494] - Document MongoCollection::findAndModify()
* [PHP-495] - Make findAndModify() to return the full command document, and not just the "value" field.
* [PHP-497] - Make authentication documentation more explicit
* [PHP-498] - Check default database for authentication in 1.3.x
* [PHP-505] - Document MongoLog::setCallback
* [PHP-519] - Document un-deprecation of get/setSlaveOkay() for 1.2.12
* [PHP-520] - Remove MongoDB::authenticate() example from connection documentation
* [PHP-531] - Restore MongoPool class/methods as no-ops with deprecation warnings

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