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Changelog for sundown
Release What has changed?
0.3.11 fix segfault in sundown_render_base
0.3.10 bumped up 0.3.10.
this release for imporve windows support.

* windows compatibility
0.3.9 bumped up 0.3.9.

next 0.4.x release will change sundown library to hoedown as sundown has been deprecated.
0.3.x releases are bug fixes only.

* improve readability
* use common internal `php_sundown_markdon_render` for rendering markdown.
* add various markdown test case from karlcow/markdown-testsuite
* add --enable-sundown-debug configure flag for configure option.
* add escape_html render flag
* xhtml render always overrides `xhtml` flag

[bug fix]
fix incorrect render_html flags

* filter_html
* no_images
* no_links
0.3.8 * bumped up 0.3.8

- fixes #28 Wired memory limit error with autolink set.
Sundown\Render\Base callbacks are able to throw exceptions.
0.3.7 * bumped up 0.3.7

fixed SEGV when processing tableCell and prettify source codes.

9582b04 update contributors
1f11ace update README
497d0a4 add a space after comma.
7bc4703 fix several compile warnings
a11eb98 update CFLAGS for fix compile warnings
9a86d00 fixes #26:prevent SEGV when calling Sundwon\Base\tableCell
26b77d6 change submodule to vmg/sundown from tanoku/sundown
ee8a132 Merge pull request #24 from reeze/patch-2
0a08969 Fix build in php-src
b0adcc7 Merge pull request #23 from reeze/patch-1
ebae34b Make travis report test failure since make test didn't report exit code
0.3.6 * bumped up 0.3.6

now, php-sundown is able to use under windows box.
Thank you stealth35!

* prettify phpinfo, add ext and sundown version
* windows support
* fix several compile warnings

[removed constants]:

[added constants]:
0.3.5 * bumped up 0.3.5

fix #19 Autolink is broken for emails

[added constants]:

[changed signature]:
Sundown\Render\Base::autolink(string$link, int $type)
type should be Sundown\Render\MKDA_NORMAL or Sundown\Render\MKDA_EMAIL
0.3.4 bumped up 0.3.4

* add Sundown\Render\HTML_TOC render.
* add Sundown\Markdown::setRender(Sundown\Render\Base $render);
* improve build script.
* add Changelog, adjust package.xml
0.3.3 bumped up 0.3.3

* fix #16 missing space_after_headers extension
0.3.2 bumped up 0.3.2

* use no_intra_emphasis instead of no_intraemphasis
0.3.1 bumped up 0.3.1

* fixed overloading callback methods.
* fixed segfault when calling render method more than once.
* implement more test cases.
0.3.0 bumped up 0.3.0

change callback method name for PECL standards.
php-sundown aims to implement more test cases until next minor version release.

* change callback method names for PECL standards
* fix segfault when using XHTML render
* fix getting render flags issue
* improve Sundown\Markdown
don'd read render / extensions property directly.
* fix memory leaks
* implement more test cases.
0.2.0 * checks extensions and render flags value.

0.1.0b release only checks specified key exist. Now, it also checks their value.

* added useful methods.

array Sundown\Render\Base::getRenderFlags()
void Sundown\Render\Base::setRenderFlags(array $render_flags)

array Sundown\Markdown::getExtensions()
void Sundown\Markdown::setExtensions(array $extensions)
Sundown\Render\Base Sundown\Markdown::getRender()

* update bundled Sundown library

* Fix segfault on empty link refs
* Escape html inside table of contents.
* hanging whitespace breaks tables
0.1.0b Initial Release.
this extension provides following classes.

* Sundown
simple markdown render.

* Sundown\Markdown
customizable markdown render.

* Sundown\Render\Base
render base class.

* Sundown\Render\HTML
builtin markdown html render.

* Sundown\Render\XHTML
builtin markdown xhtml render.


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