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Changelog for skywalking_agent
Release What has changed?
0.7.0 ## What's Changed
* Start 0.7.0 development. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/90
* Add more info for error log. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/91
* Fix amqplib and predis argument problems. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/92
* Add Memcache plugin. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/93
* Refactor mysqli plugin, support procedural api. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/94
* Fix target address in cross process header. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/95
* Release SkyWalking PHP 0.7.0 by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/96

**Full Changelog**: https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/compare/v0.6.0...v0.7.0
0.6.0 ## What's Changed
* Polish doc about Swoole by @wu-sheng in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/73
* Start 0.6.0 development. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/74
* Fix hook for Doctrine PDO class by @matikij in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/76
* Log Exception in tracing span when throw. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/75
* Upgrade dependencies and adapt. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/77
* Fix required rust version and add runing php-fpm notice in docs. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/78
* Bump openssl from 0.10.48 to 0.10.55 by @dependabot in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/79
* Fix the situation where the redis port is string. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/80
* Optionally enable zend observer api for auto instrumentation. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/81
* Fix the empty span situation in redis after hook. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/82
* Add mongodb pluhgin. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/83
* Update rust nightly toolchain in CI and format. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/84
* Add notice document for `skywalking_agent.enable`. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/85
* Upgrade dependencies. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/86
* Fix docs by @heyanlong in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/87
* Add kafka reporter. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/88
* Release SkyWalking PHP Agent 0.6.0 by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/89

## New Contributors
* @matikij made their first contribution in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/76

**Full Changelog**: https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/compare/v0.5.0...v0.6.0
0.5.0 ## What's Changed
* Bump openssl from 0.10.45 to 0.10.48 by @dependabot in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/60
* Make the `SKYWALKING_AGENT_ENABLE` work in the request hook as well. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/61
* Support tracing `curl_multi_*` api. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/62
* Fix parent endpoint and peer in segment ref and tag url in entry span. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/63
* Bump h2 from 0.3.15 to 0.3.17 by @dependabot in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/65
* Add amqplib plugin for producer. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/64
* Upgrade and adapt phper. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/66
* Refactor script create_package_xml. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/67
* Refactor predis plugin to hook Client. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/68
* Canonicalize unknown. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/69
* Bump guzzlehttp/psr7 from 2.4.0 to 2.5.0 in /tests/php by @dependabot in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/70
* Enhance support for Swoole. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/71
* Bump to 0.5.0. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/72

**Full Changelog**: https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/compare/v0.4.0...v0.5.0
0.4.0 ## What's Changed
* Bump tokio from 1.24.1 to 1.24.2 by @dependabot in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/52
* Bump to 0.4.0-dev by @heyanlong in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/53
* Avoid potential panic for logger. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/54
* Fix the curl plugin hook curl_setopt by mistake. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/55
* Update documents. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/56
* Upgrade dependencies and adapt the codes. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/57
* Add sub components licenses in dist material. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/58
* Bump to 0.4.0. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/59

## New Contributors
* @dependabot made their first contribution in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/52

**Full Changelog**: https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/compare/v0.3.0...v0.4.0
0.3.0 ## What's Changed
* Make explicit rust version requirement by @wu-sheng in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/35
* Update dependencies version limitation. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/36
* Startup 0.3.0 by @heyanlong in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/37
* Support PHP 8.2 by @heyanlong in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/38
* Fix php-fpm freeze after large amount of request. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/39
* Lock develop rust version to 1.65, upgrade deps. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/41
* Fix worker unexpected shutdown. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/42
* Update docs about installing rust. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/43
* Retry cargo test when failed in CI. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/44
* Hack dtor for mysqli to cleanup resources. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/45
* Report instance properties and keep alive. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/46
* Add configuration option `skywalking_agent.runtime_dir`. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/47
* Add authentication support. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/48
* Support TLS. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/49
* Periodic reporting instance properties. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/50
* Bump to 0.3.0. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/51

### Breaking
* Remove `http://` scheme in `skywalking_agent.server_addr`.

## New Contributors
* @wu-sheng made their first contribution in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/35

**Full Changelog**: https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/compare/v0.2.0...v0.3.0
0.2.0 ## What's Changed
* Update PECL user by @heyanlong in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/12
* Start up 0.2.0 by @heyanlong in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/13
* Update compiling project document. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/14
* Add PDO plugin, and switch unix datagram to stream. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/15
* Update readme about creating issue. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/17
* Fix package.xml role error by @heyanlong in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/16
* Add swoole support. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/19
* Add .fleet to .gitignore by @heyanlong in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/20
* [Feature] Add Mysql Improved Extension by @heyanlong in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/18
* Add predis plugin. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/21
* Take care of PDO false and DSN tailing semicolons. by @phanalpha in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/22
* Add container by @heyanlong in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/23
* Save PDO exceptions. by @phanalpha in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/24
* Update minimal supported PHP version to 7.2. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/25
* Utilize UnixListener for the worker process to accept reports. by @phanalpha in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/26
* Kill the worker on module shutdown. by @phanalpha in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/28
* Add plugin for memcached. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/27
* Upgrade rust mini version to 1.65. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/30
* Add plugin for phpredis. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/29
* Add missing request_id. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/31
* Adapt virtual cache. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/32
* Fix permission denied of unix socket. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/33
* Bump to 0.2.0. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/34

## New Contributors
* @phanalpha made their first contribution in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/22

**Full Changelog**: https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/compare/v0.1.0...v0.2.0
0.1.0 ## What's Changed
* [docs] Update README by @heyanlong in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/1
* Remove the CI limit first, in order to run CI. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/3
* Setup CI. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/5
* Implementation, with curl support. By @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/4
* Turn off Swoole support, and fix Makefile. By @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/6
* Update docs by @heyanlong in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/7
* Add PECL support. By @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/8
* Support macOS by replace ipc-channel with socket pair, upgrade dependencies and improve CI. by @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/9
* Add compile and release docs. By @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/10
* Update official documentation link. By @jmjoy in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/11

## New Contributors
* @heyanlong made their first contribution in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/1
* @jmjoy made their first contribution in https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/pull/3

**Full Changelog**: https://github.com/apache/skywalking-php/commits/v0.1.0


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