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Changelog for radius
Release What has changed?
1.4.0b1 - Add PHP 7.0 support. (Adam)
- Drop support for PHP < 5.3.
1.3.0 - Fixed bug #65156 (Please provide LICENSE file). (Adam)
- Fixed bug #65378 (radius.c:706: error: too many arguments to function ‘rad_salt_value’). (Adam)
- Fixed bug #65599 (Fix compiling for VC11 x64). (Jan Ehrhardt)
1.3.0b1 This release adds several new features:

- Support for CoA and disconnect packets.
- Support for tagged attributes.
- Support for salt-encrypted attributes.
- Support for Juniper vendor specific attributes.

These features are based on code written by Gabriel Blanchard in his fork of
PECL radius: https://github.com/gblanchard/pecl-radius.

Three new functions have been added to handle these features:

- radius_get_tagged_attr_data(string attr)
This function returns the data from a tagged attribute.
- radius_get_tagged_attr_tag(string attr)
This function returns the tag from a tagged attribute.
- radius_salt_encrypt_attr(resource radius_handle, string attr)
This function salt-encrypts the given attribute. This shouldn't normally need
to be called manually, but is available for unusual use cases.

Salt encryption is generally achieved through the use of the new
RADIUS_OPTION_SALT option. All put functions have been extended to accept an
optional options bitfield and an optional tag value, which will be used to tag
an attribute if the RADIUS_OPTION_TAGGED option is set.

There should be no backward compatibility breaks with this release; however
existing users are encouraged to test their code against this release and to
report any issues that they find.

The next beta is expected in around two weeks from today (approximately July
18, 2013).
1.2.7 This release fixes a security issue in radius_get_vendor_attr(). It is strongly
recommended that users using vendor specific attributes upgrade immediately,
with other users encouraged to upgrade when practical.

- Fix a security issue in radius_get_vendor_attr() by enforcing checks of the
VSA length field against the buffer size. (Adam)
1.2.6 - Support added for PHP 5.4 and 5.5. (Johannes)
- Fixed bug #60885 (Radius module causing Apache segmentation fault). (Adam)
- Fixed a crash when calling radius_server_secret() with no servers configured.
1.2.5 - amd64 arch fixes
1.2.4 - Release 1.2.4
- Forgot including updated radius_init_const.h
1.2.3 - Release 1.2.3
- Fixed a typo in radius_init_const wich caused RADIUS_ACCT_STATUS_ENGINE to be undefined.
- Re-added Makefile.in
1.2.2 - Release 1.2.2
- Changed role for example-files to doc
- Removed deprecated files
- Added IPv6 related attributes defined in RFC3162
1.2.1 - Release 1.2.1
- Change License to BSD
- BugFix: The MS-CHAPv2 Authenticator-Challenge has 16 Bytes and not 8 Bytes
- BugFix: build under Solaris
- Generate better challenges
- Many source-code-style fixes
- Removed unneeded sources
- Some cleanup's
1.2 - Release 1.2
- BugFix: a to short challenge was generated sometimes (MS-CHAPv1, MS-CHAPv2)
- New functions:
radius_demangle: demangles radius passwords and mppe MS-CHAPv1 Keys
radius_demangle_mppe_key: demangles mppe send- and recvkey (MS-CHAPv2)
- Added examples for radius-accounting
- Replaced mcrypt-functions with own des-ecb-encryption function
- Some minor changes in radius-auth.php
- Added php-script for testing MS-CHAP functions
1.1 - Release 1.1


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