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Changelog for ps
Release What has changed?
1.4.4 fix remaining issues when compiling with gd support
1.4.3 return to PHP 3.0.1 License
readd support for gd
add license file
1.4.2 added support for php8
1.4.1 Change license to BSD style, fixed dependency on php
1.4.0 add support for phpng and drop ?upport for php5
1.3.7 no more crashes on 64 bit
1.3.6 fixed various build problems on win32
1.3.5 Reenablee reading of gd images. Added configuration file for win32. New example to list all glyphs in a font. New examples for creating Type3 fonts and postscript files in memory. Tests for more image types in example/image.php. Added new functions to create Type3 fonts and to modify kerning and ligatures of an existing font. Added new function ps_glyph_name() and ps_glyph_show(). New function ps_include_file().

1.3.4 Made ps_arcn() available. ps_set_border_dash() checks now for 3 parameters instead of 4. Fixed segm fault when the optional parameter of ps_show_boxed() is not passed. Added some more examples. New function ps_include_file().

1.3.3 fixed stupid compile warning.
1.3.2 ps_begin_template() and ps_begin_pattern() now return the id.
1.3.1 Fixed varios compile errors related to php 4.3.10
1.3.0 Added function ps_shfill(), ps_shading(), ps_shading_pattern(), ps_get_buffer(). New example files shading.php and image.php. Renamed undocumented function ps_setoverprint() to ps_setoverprintmode().
1.2.2 Added function ps_makespotcolor().
1.2.1 ps_hyphenate() did not return an array but true. Added more tests
and examples. Many internal changes.
1.2.0 Added new function ps_string_geometry(), ps_set_text_pos(),
ps_symbol(), ps_symbol_name(), ps_symbol_width(), ps_begin_pattern(),
ps_end_pattern(), ps_begin_template(), ps_end_template().
1.1.1 Added new function PS_hyphenate().
1.1.0 Complete rework. Many old function has been removed. Font and image
handling is working with memory leaks.


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