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Changelog for opendirectory
Release What has changed?
0.2.6 1. Fixed bug in string length.
0.2.5 1. Fixed bus error when checking for data buffers in ds_get_dir_node_list().
2. Added some internal constants and made some constant names more consistent.
3. Removed example.php.
0.2.4 1. Fixed broken php4.3 php5 compatability
2. Fixed node authentication for OSX 10.3
0.2.3 1. Some internal stuff has changed.
1. Better TS support.
2. example.php has changed.
3. More constants defined in separate php files.
4. The following functions were added:

int ds_flush_record(resource rec_ref)
mixed ds_create_record_and_open(resource node_ref, string name, string type)
string ds_get_record_attr_value_by_index(resource rec_ref, string type, int index)
string ds_get_record_attr_value_by_id(resource rec_ref, string type, int id)

5. The following function's parameters have changed:

0.2.2 1. Some internal stuff has changed.
2. example.php has changed.
3. The following functions were added:
array ds_do_attribute_value_search(resource noderef, mixed rec_types, string attr_type, int match_type, string search)
array ds_get_record_attribute_info(resource dirref, resource rec_ref, string attr_type)
array ds_get_record_reference_info(resource dirref, resource rec_ref)
resource ds_open_dir_service_proxy(string host, int portno, string username, string passwd [, string auth_type_name])
4. Directory node authentication was fixed for 10.2 (which should be the same for 10.3)

NOTE: ds_create_record() is still buggy when used to create *AND* open a record (see last parameter).
For the time being use separate calls to ds_create_record() and ds_open_record() if you want to
use the record reference returned with set_record_[name|type] functions, unexpected results may happen.
This may be a limitation to the framework's dsCreateRecordAndOpen() routine. I'm still looking
into this. Consider this extension unstable as the function names, parameters and return values
may change.
0.2.1 Initial Release


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